Positive Affirmations For Money

As with all attraction affirmations, positive affirmations for money, wealth and abundance work best when they affirm and build upon beliefs that we already possess. We cannot buck the law of attraction as it's always in operation. LOA dictates that  It’s futile to recite or read affirmations for abundance that we do not actually believe. If we do not resonate with the words being recited, they are empty. When we find resonance first, and then recite affirmations for abundance,  they have great attractive power behind them.

 money affirmations utilize the law of attraction

If we are vibrating an energy of lack, due to our beliefs in being limited and ineffectual to affect change, it will do little good to simply read positive affirmations for money.  If we can find even a tiny bit of resonance,  we can actually  use money attraction affirmations to help build our belief in our worthiness of abundance in all forms. If you are having difficulty finding resonance with the idea of being abundant, start general and build to affirmations that are more specific.

Affirmations that hinge upon and strengthen our beliefs regarding the law of attraction and our innate ability to manifest desire, tend to be more general and thus, are a great starting point.

positive affirmations for money - choose those that resonate

The following positive affirmations for money may be tweaked or re-arranged to suit your own personal needs or tastes....again, it’s of extreme importance that the money attraction affirmations you choose actually reflect something that you actually believe.

The universe is abundant and provides all.

My natural state is one of abundance.

Money is merely a form of energy exchange. I am worthy and deserving of receiving money.

The law of attraction says that my vibration attracts compatible circumstances to it. My reality is therefore reflective of my personal vibration. If I maintain a high, positive vibration regarding money, it MUST appear within my reality. It is the law.

The better I feel about money, the more of it I am creating within my reality. I am beginning to feel more and more positive about my ability to create abundance.

I am presently spiritually and emotionally wealthy.

I am excited about the money that is already making its way into my reality.

I believe in the law of attraction.

I deserve to have wealth and abundance.

I feel prosperous.

As I feel joy, I can rest assured that money is flowing freely into my reality.

I am a powerful creator capable of creating any reality that I can imagine.

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