Post Death Experience - Practicing Conscious Living and Dying - By Annamaria Hemingway Ph.D.

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First hand encounters with the post death experience, NDE studies and living with conscious knowledge and acceptance of death; What more could anyone ask for in a book about life and death?

I absolutely loved this book. I ordered practicing Conscious Living and Dying on a whim when I first signed my own publishing contract with O Books. Ms. Hemingway was also published under O Books and her subject matter was related to mine. I was curious and wanted to check out what a book published by O Books actually looked like. I was expecting a well-written book of good material quality. What I received was so much more.

It is simply impossible to read this book and not feel empowered, inspired and transformed. In Practicing Conscious Living and Dying, Annamaria Hemingway shares the unique stories involving post death experiences and her own NDE studies regarding sixteen individuals, one being herself.

Post Death Experience - Personal Accounts of NDE

In her beautiful, flowing writing style, Annamaria intricately inter-weaves these personal accounts of post death experiences with her own insights and also with mythical perspectives, historical philosophies and facts surrounding the subject of death.

Through the descriptions of post death experiences, Practicing Conscious Living and Dying offers us compelling evidence of life after death, but the message of this book goes much deeper. It illustrates to us the profound connection between living and dying. Annamaria shows us how the perspectives we hold regarding death, can very much affect the day to day living of our life.

Annamaria Hemingway offers us a perspective where death is embraced as an integral part of the life process itself. Adopting such a perspective can help us to see life in all its facets, as a meaningful continuum of birth, death, beginnings, and endings.

You’ll come away from this book with an expanded concept of self and personal consciousness and possibly even the realization that one does not need to have an actual post death experience or NDE to rise and expand beyond the confines of self and lower ego that so many of us experience in our day to day living.

I highly recommend this book, not just to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, (although this book will undoubtedly

provide immense help to the bereaved) but to anyone who holds an interest in NDE studies, the post death experience, or who ponders the prospect of the inevitability of death....indeed, this likely includes every one of us!


Practicing Conscious Living and Dying
An Interview With Annamaria Hemingway Ph.D.

Annamaria Hemingway is author of the profoundly inspiring book, Practicing Conscious Living and Dying; Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness. She has also authored her second book entitled Myths of the Afterlife, which will soon be available. Annamaria is a spiritual counselor and is a member of the International Association For NDE studies. (Near Death studies).

Q. I so enjoyed your book Annamaria. How did you first become interested in NDE studies, the post death experience, dying and the afterlife?

Like many people, I guess I was always curious in understanding the deeper meaning of life and that included making sense of death. It so happened that one day, I met a man who had a near-death experience and was fascinated to hear his story. I started to research the subject in depth and gradually expanded my NDE studies to include beliefs in an afterlife that originated in early civilizations and are at the heart of many religious traditions.

Q. Why did you write Practicing Conscious Living and Dying?

The pilgrimage of earthly life ends in death of the physical body and yet in Western cultures, death has become a taboo subject and people are at a loss to deal with either their own mortality or the death of a loved one. The common responses are anger, denial and fear of the overwhelming grief and loss. When I wrote the book, I tried to gather as much information as I could on death and dying. This research includes many different perspectives on death that have evolved throughout the evolution of human consciousness and demonstrates that the common characteristic is an affirmation of a primordial motif of death and rebirth. Although there is much anguish and grief when we lose the physical presence of someone we love, I hope this information and the accompanying post death experience stories can help people overcome some of the fear surrounding death and that they become more curious about the wide-held belief in a continuum of consciousness following physical death.

Q. What is meant by the term, “conscious dying.” What is the relationship between living consciously and dying consciously?

Many people identify themselves solely with the body and an ego-based sense of self. Conscious dying relates to relinquishing this narrow based idea of who or what we are. If we can start to view ourselves as being part of a whole interrelated web of consciousness, we start to live more consciously and death assumes a far deeper meaning.

Q. Is there a thread that runs common amongst those who had post death experiences or NDE's in terms of the after-effects?

The most common after-effect in those who have post death experiences or near death experiences, is that these people no longer fear death, because they believe it to be merely a transition into a new life. However, they are also profoundly grateful for the second chance to live life in a more conscious manner. Many NDE'rs also have enhanced healing or psychic abilities following their experiences. Although some contend that the post death experience is a result of the dying brain, I think this after-effect is very important in proving the validity of the NDE, as there is brain enhancement rather than deterioration when these people come back to every day consciousness. There is also a quality about these people that is difficult to describe, but they seem more at peace with themselves and live life fully in the present moment.

Q. One of the 16 incredible stories about the post death experience that you’ve included in your book is your own. Can you describe how this experience has affected your overall perspective on day to day living?

Losing my mother was a very painful experience in my life. Like many people, I found it hard to come to terms with why she suffered so much. However, we came to share many precious moments and I came to see just how close we had become in those final months and how her death inspired my life. As I write this, I still feel her presence with me and how her death brought my work to life. I think her story has been a source of hope for many.

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about your new book?

My new book, "Myths of the Afterlife" looks at the mythologies of many ancient civilizations and religious traditions concerning an afterlife state.

Q. When will this book be available?

It should be available by the end of the year and will be published by O Books.

-- Annamaria Hemingway Ph.D. is a writer and speaker on the topics of post death experience, NDE studies and conscious living and dying. She is the author of "Practicing Conscious Living and Dying," published by O Books. She is also a spiritual counselor and member of the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

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