Postcards from Heaven!

by Tanya Frilot
(Chalmette, LA)

My beautiful and beloved mother passed away on Nov.28, 2010 after a very long and brave fight with cancer.

The day before she passed I asked her to please, if possible, send me a sign to show me she has made it and that she is happy. The following Sunday, one week after her passing, I was in total despair. I was missing her so much and I still had not received a sign. I went outdoors to get some fresh air and upon looking up at the sky, right above my house was an "upside down rainbow".

A huge smile in every color of the rainbow! I immediately knew this was it, this was her sign to let me know that she made it and is very happy!

I took several other photos, as the sky looked so beautiful that day, and when I uploaded the pics to my computer I was stunned! An image of a giant hand with an outline of my mother sitting on the hand. I know this is her way of telling me she is in God's Hand! Since then I photograph clouds on an almost daily basis. I have discovered a world that exists right above our heads.

This is my mother's final gift to me. I love my mother and miss her more than words can say, and I feel her presence with me everytime I photograph the sky. It's as though this is our project, we are doing this together. I created a website so that I can share these amazing photos as proof of an afterlife. You may view them at

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Feb 09, 2011
It is only the beginning!
by: Anonymous

The loss of someone we love is a very painful ordeal! But, as everything else in this school called life, it also comes with lessons. I have learned so much since my mother's passing. I truly believe that the ability to see and photograph these images is my mother's final gift to me. This is her way of revealing to me that, indeed, life does go on! That there is no such thing as death, it is a "moving on", it is only the beginning! She is not gone, she has only crossed over, from the physical plane to the spiritual plane of existence. Yes, in my "humanness" I still miss her so very much, but in my true self, my spiritual self, I know that she is still with me today, as always! We need only to believe, so that we may see! Our loved ones are not truly gone, they are very much alive, although not on a physical level, but on a spiritual one. I hope you enjoy these photos and I hope they bring you hope and comfort in your time of grief and despair. Have faith, believe, that your loved one is once again happy, healthy, and still watching over you, from the other side of the veil! Peace~

Tania Frilot

Feb 09, 2011
Very Nice
by: Al

I like it a lot. Very nice.

Feb 08, 2011
by: Ricky F.

This is very nice and creative!

Feb 05, 2011
by: Bobby

I visited your site, it's amazing! You are definitely capturing signs. Please keep posting.

Feb 04, 2011
good eye
by: Anonymous know ive seen this work before and it captured my eye then just the same..this eye is trained to catch what is hidden to most of the rest of us.. I look forward to coming across more of this photographers work...

Feb 03, 2011
Your amazing after death communication!
by: Anonymous

Dear Tania,

What a wonderful story. I'm so sorry for your loss...I imagine it is still very thrilled though to hear about the wonderful afterlife signs you've received from your mother!

I'm convinced that all of our loved ones attempt to give us signs and it seems to me that when we 'see them' and acknowledge them as such, they usually go on to expound upon their communication through the type of signs that originally 'got our attention.'

For me, my brother's avenue of afterlife communication seems to be poppies...yours is obviously clouds and other phenomena of the sky..very cool.

I can only imagine the relief they must feel when we 'see' their sign and really 'get it.' I'm quite sure that many of us simply miss the after death signs and communications that our loved ones are trying so hard to send, simply because we're just not in the proper mind frame to really 'look.'

How wonderful that you were and are so tuned in that you recognized your mom's signs as such!

I would absolutely LOVE to see your pics...unfortunately I wasn't able to access the .com address you could contact me through my 'contact us' button on this site and I'll give you my personal e-mail if you like...I'll also add you on my links page if you have a website.

Thank you so much for sharing!! I had tingles all over reading your story...what a wonderful bond you and your mother share...I can feel just how close the two of you are!!

With Love,

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