The Power of Acceptance

practicing non-judgment- the role that law of attraction plays

The power of acceptance cannot be underestimated. Through practicing non-judgment of self and others we can remain at peace regardless of what’s occurring in our world. To judge another is to draw to us that very same judgment. Law of attraction is always present, always aligning us with an energy and manifestation that is a match to the frequency that we are ourselves emitting.

The power of acceptance in our day to day lives

My response to the casey anthony case

I’ve been watching the Casey Anthony coverage with growing amazement as so many blindly follow along, taking the lead of the media who have so deftly and deliberately baited the public with their biased presentation. The way I see it, Casey Anthony was tried in a court of law by a jury of her peers and was found to be not guilty. End of story. No one knows what actually occurred and although speculation runs rampant, we may never know the ‘real’ story. Many of those who are intent upon connecting the dots do so with clear bias towards dark intent.

What has been created is nothing less than a hateful, angry lynch mob, hungry for a pound of flesh. Casey Anthony’s harshest critics appear to be insatiable in their appetite for fuel to add to their blood lust. As I flipped the channel last Sunday to the morning news, I was shocked to see that entire families has camped outside of the police station where Casey Anthony was to be released, for no other purpose it would seem, than to demonstrate their outrage and disapproval of Ms. Anthony and perhaps even add their voice to the hateful chorus of ‘Killer’ that many chanted as she made her way from the building. A mother stood next to her children, explaining to the news anchor just why she felt so compelled to include her children in her own quest to vilify Casey Anthony.

The idea that we can somehow remedy a crime against one innocent human with judgment and unkindness towards the one deemed responsible for such an act, is curious indeed.

As my disgust and shock over this obvious ‘witch hunt’ against Casey Anthony grew, so did my disdain for ‘those unenlightened, crazy, vindictive, judgmental fools’ appearing on my TV screen, who were waving their placards like puppets for the ravenous news media.

And then it occurred to me. In my own rather fervent finger pointing, I was indulging in the very same judgmental  behavior that I was condemning. I was looking at the behaviors of others, deeming them to be unacceptable and allowing that assessment of them to evoke a non-loving energy from me.

Non-judgment means ending the cycle of the pointing of fingers at anyone, any circumstance or thing, including ourselves.

Whenever we are engaged in the judging of others, you can bet we’re holding onto unresolved judgments of self. With the law of attraction ever present, life is like a mirror. If I’m looking without and seeing fault, then you can bet that when I look within, if I look deep enough, I will also see fault. The power of acceptance lies in the elimination of resistance to what is. When I can accept myself, perceived flaws and all, my entire world transforms.

When we use the power of acceptance to acknowledge those things about ourselves and others that may not be perfect, like our own tendency to judge others, without labeling ourselves as being ‘bad’ for the fact that we judge, we make great headway towards releasing those judgments.

Non-judgment begins with the self. When we use the power of acceptance to embrace all aspects of self, even those things that we may prefer to change, we pave the way for transformation.

The power of acceptance begins with awareness. I imagine that for those judging Casey Anthony with such venom, there is a sort of relief that the pointing finger, has temporarily been moved away from them and onto another.

It is only someone experiencing personal pain who would derive pleasure in tearing down another. Through the power of acceptance we can come to embrace all of those who appear within our reality, despite the fact that their behaviors might not align with our personal preferences. I might not like the fact that throngs of people exist who are intent upon lynching a woman who has been deemed to be ‘not guilty’ by the justice system, but I don’t need to like it in order to accept it and move on.

Keep in mind, accepting what is does not mean the complete cessation of opinion, but it does mean being aware of opinions as they arise, and thus, not getting caught up in them.

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