Practicing Law Of Attraction

Practicing law of attraction is different than merely understanding the concept of law of attraction. In actually practicing law of attraction and implementing it into your daily life, becoming consciously aware of both the movements and contents of mind is a necessity.

The goal is to align in thought, feeling, being,  with the forces of creation, rather than stand in resistance to them. When we are in alignment with creation, arising interest, intent, preferences, desires, easily and effortlessly and most importantly, naturally,  flow into manifestation.

What does it mean to become consciously aware of mind's content and movement? How do I do this?

It may seem rather obvious, but in practicing law of attraction, it's important to see that Becoming consciously aware of mind initially depends  upon an arising interest to be conscious, to be aware of what's happening in mind. And really, the one thing that you can't control is arising interest. You are either interested in being consciously aware or you're not.

There are all sorts of practices available that supposedly serve to cultivate and support this interest, such as formal sitting meditations, but nothing is a substitute for actual interest itself. Absent an actual and definitive interest in being conscious, in looking at what mind is doing on a moment to moment basis, all the practice in the world will be a diversion at best.

Sometimes a deep and encompassing understanding of precisely why becoming consciously aware is so important  can serve to spur that interest, and really, that is the purpose of my writing this specific article.

Being consciously aware involves passively and without judgement, looking at what is happening in mind, right here, right now. Thus, it involves being present to the entirety of the moment; Ask yourself, what thoughts are arising, what am I thinking, what am I feeling in this immediate moment, right here, right now?

Practicing Law Of Attraction Means Being Present To The Innermost Workings Of The Mind

Why is being consciously aware of mind so important in practicing law of attraction?

Implementing the law of attraction for the purpose of easily and effortlessly manifesting desires, hinges upon a focus that is absent harsh and heavy personal judgements and the resultant feelings of discord that accompany those judgements about what's currently happening. Manifesting desires successfully hinges upon an absence of mental and emotional resistance to what is.

All emotional and mental resistance to what is, has an overly personal and judgemental viewpoint fundamental to it. This viewpoint includes specific thoughts about right and wrong, should's and shouldn'ts, about what is good and what is bad.

What you should be looking to attain if you are interested in successfully practicing law of attraction, is a more expansive view that transcends these personal judgements.

The first step to transcending personal judgement about how life should be, is to clearly see and identify that judgement as it arises. This in a nutshell is the the most basic foundation of consciously and successfully practicing law of attraction (LOA).

What should I do when I see that mind has been personally judging arising circumstance to be bad, wrong, unacceptable?

Fact is, you really don't have to DO anything, per se. The simple act of identifying and acknowledging that personal judgement as it is arising, is  enough to momentarily stop it's momentum forward. If you find the personal judgements, the thoughts of wrongness, the feelings of emotional resistance continuing, a good practice is to inquire into them.

A great line  of questions to ask in this inquiry within, are questions such as: Is this thought/judgment necessarily true? Do I really need for my desire to manifest in order to feel a sense of peace and well-being, right here, right now? Is there a more expansive view from which I can view the current state of things?

These questions have a way of illuminating the stories we are all intent upon telling ourselves. In seeing these stories for what they are, we can set them aside and allow the bigger picture to take the forefront. With this more expansive, transcendent view, resistance falls away and we find ourselves perfectly aligning with the creative forces in play, thereby, successfully and effortlessly practicing law of attraction principles.

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