Pre Death Communication?

by Terri

My 88 year old Mom passed away a couple of weeks ago. The day before she passed she was in a non-responsive drugged state. I called my sister, who had been somewhat estranged from the family to tell her of the situation. Immediately after hanging up the phone I felt the most tremendous sense of love I have ever felt in my life. Mom had asked about my sister a few days prior and I told her I hadn't had any contact with her for awhile. The love I felt was definitely of a divine nature. Could Mom's spirit have somehow been aware of my conversation with my sister even the day before her actual physical death? I personally do believe it. Mom was bipolar and hard to communicate with sometimes in life but I have felt much closer to her since her recent death. Tonight there is an owl hooting outside my bedroom and I am wondering if she is attempting to communicate with me.

Thanks for your site, very comforting.

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Dec 14, 2014
RE: pre-death communication
by: Faye

Thanks so much Terri for sharing your story. What you felt was as real as it gets, and that feeling of divine love really is your answer. Yes, I have no doubt that your mom's spirit was in fact communicating with you prior to her physical death....I've come to see that spirit and love, know no bounds.
Prior to my brother's death, we feel quite certain that spirit was somehow at work, facilitating circumstances that allowed us all to say goodbye to him prior to his physical though, even though he had no conscious idea that he was about to depart the physical, spirit was intervening to bring us a sort of closure.

Look to the fact that the hooting owl makes you think about communication from your mother as your indicator that that is indeed the case. That is the subtle mode through which spirit communicates..that often tiny niggle that causes us to ask, "is that a sign from loved one" IS our proof of such.

I appreciate your taking the time to share your unique experience....I'm thinking I may use this subject matter (pre-death communications from spirit) to write another article..I think it's an important facet of all this that deserves attention.

With Love,

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