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What do present moment awareness, raising vibration and manifesting desire have in common? Present moment awareness has long been touted as a means of expanding our consciousness and inviting greater peace into our day to day lives. Practicing moment to moment mindfulness manifests all of these things and more.

The act of focusing your awareness acutely upon each moment as you experience it, is also a powerful means of raising your vibration. Raising our vibration is a very important aspect involved in practicing the law of attraction and thus, in successfully  manifesting desire.

The law of attraction dictates that in order to manifest desire, we must be a vibrational match to it. In short, this means we must be 'feeling good' if we want to align with a reality that will provide all the great things we are seeking.

In my experience, nothing quite brings me to this great feeling place, or works better for raising my vibration, like present moment awareness does.


Practicing present moment awareness involves focusing your awareness upon every nuance of the present moment facing you. It means being mindful of everything that the "now" moment contains.

I woke up this morning feeling a tad out of sorts. I could clearly feel that my vibration was not in a great place, certainly not in the arena of where it needs to be for me to align with day's events that would bring me joy. I made a conscious decision to become mindful of the present moment.

Now, like many spiritual practices, this one is easier said than done. About two minutes after making this decision, I grabbed my grocery list with the intent of scrawling "plastic spoons" onto it, and was greatly amused to catch myself adding the words, "present moment awareness" instead. Clearly, I was NOT in the moment. Ironic, and very indicative of how untrained my power of focus has become lately!

When you get into the habit of practicing moment to moment awareness, not only do you begin feeling great and manifesting desire like crazy, it actually becomes easier to do. When we focus upon the moment and really become one with it, we also are in the process of expanding our consciousness. We become more attuned to and aware of the unbounded nature of our consciousness. I find it rather interesting that focusing our attention inward more minutely, has the end result of making our sense of self larger, rather than smaller.

I've gone through periods of my life where I've practiced moment to moment awareness for long stretches of time. It really is a habit that becomes easier to practice the more you do it. When you're not in practice, it's sometimes wise to find some way to remind yourself to re-focus upon the moment when your mind wanders off. Such things as placing sticky notes to yourself where you're sure to see them, or wearing a particular piece of jewelry or some kind of trinket upon your person, that becomes a trigger for you, can help with this. This involves 'charging' the item with an affirmation when you put it on. For example: If I'm wearing a heart pendant around my neck, as I put it on I'll tell myself; Every time I look at this, or touch this, I'll be reminded to refocus upon the present moment. Practicing mindfulness meditation helps greatly in the cultivation of this habit. (See link to meditations page below). Meditation helps train the mind to focus inward.

Paying attention to the present moment means focusing ALL of your consciousness upon 'what is.' Let's say I am making breakfast for my kids. As I walk to the fridge to grab some fruit, my focus is not on the future action of opening the fridge and grabbing the fruit. It is upon each step I take as I move towards the fridge. Once I reach the fridge, my focus is upon my fingers wrapping around the handle and pulling upon it. Each sensation is felt and experienced in the precise moment it is occurring and you'll find when you really narrow your focus into each precise second like this, each sensation and experience becomes near sublime, exquisite in it's perfection. True moment to moment awareness results in a savoring of each momentary experience.

Whenever we find ourselves rushing forward with thoughts of the next moments to come, we are in effect resisting the moment at hand. I know this to be true on a very deep level, yet still often find myself doing it. This is further proof that this requires practice for it to become an ingrained behavioral habit. Like any behavior though, being in the moment CAN become habitual. As far as habits go, this one would be well worth developing.

Clearly there are levels as to how minutely we choose to focus our attention. When you get to the point where you are literally 'at one' with each second of the present moment, a beautiful transformation occurs. You realize that within each precious moment is everything you could ever need. You see the splendor and perfection of everything as it is. Someone in this state of being is someone who is vibrating very high. When raising vibration to this level you can expect your reality to mirror this back to you. Highly desirable events will flow into your experience effortlessly as one perfect moment manifests into the next. I've experienced an entire day or two where I've been mostly in this state and I can attest to the fact that it's absolutely transformational in terms of taking you into an entirely different and amazing reality.

Okay, I've convinced myself....I'm off to practice my present moment awareness!

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