Present Moment Awareness - A Short Cut To Manifest Desires

What does present moment awareness have to do with an intention to manifest desires? Everything!

present moment awareness

The importance of present moment awareness

Our future moments all emanate from the present moment. To engage in present moment mindfulness is to acknowledge the power and perfection of NOW. Truly, the moment, the here and now, is ALL that ever actually exists. It is the only thing that is real. Past and present only exist in our imagination. I can think about tomorrow, but when I get there, it will be NOW.

Using the law of attraction to our advantage means first becoming aware that in order to manifest desires we must be able to practice present moment awareness.We must have an awareness of the content of our mind and the nature of our thoughts in the NOW moment if we are to guide them towards being compatible to the energy of our manifest desires.

The ability to merge with the moment at hand to really assess our thoughts, feelings and content of mind involves activating the observer within. In doing this, we become at one with our expanding consciousness or higher self as we view our thoughts from the higher perspective of one who observes without judgment. This often allows us to get a much more accurate assessment of what’s really occurring than attempting to view the contents of our mind from the position of lower ego.

A quote from osho

I stumbled across the following excerpt in “Joy, The Happiness That Comes from Within,” By OSHO.

“The desire for happiness simply shows that you are not happy right at this moment. The desire for happiness simply shows that you are a miserable being. And a miserable being projects into the future that sometime, someday, some way, he will be happy…..You are unhappy today. You project that tomorrow will be happy, but tomorrow will come out of this unhappiness and you will be more unhappy.”

He explains something here that is simple yet profound. It is this knowledge that is at the helm of successfully using the law of attraction to manifest desires. If we want our future moment to be peaceful, happy and abundant, we MUST find a way in the present moment to feel happy and abundant and peaceful.

using the law of attraction - the feeling of happiness is a manifestation

I personally find that the mere act of practicing present moment awareness, where we become completely at one with the here and now, has potent power to cause feelings of happiness and contentment. If we are truly at one with the moment, it actually becomes impossible to focus upon any thoughts that have any ability to cause negative feelings. If I’m practicing present moment awareness, my thoughts will not harken back to the memories of my past, nor will they project forward to the dream of the future. All focus will be on the NOW moment. With present moment awareness we can quickly harness our ability to manifest desires quickly. In fact, if your desire is for happiness itself, the shortest, quickest route of all, is present moment mindfulness.

This next quote By OSHO further punctuates this truth regarding the importance of present moment mindfulness;

“Joy is the very stuff the universe is made of. But you have to look direct, you have to look in the immediate. If you look sideways then you miss.”

To engage in thoughts about the past or future is the equivalent of ‘looking sideways.’ Does this mean we should never think about past of future? My rule of thumb is; If looking at the past or future creates positive emotion within me, then it’s worth while. If not, I’m far better off practicing mindfulness.

Most times that we attempt to manifest desires, it is because we feel that something is lacking in our present. The fastest way to manifest desires of all natures is to practice present moment awareness to capture the essence of our manifest desires in the here and NOW. When we feel that we NEED for something to manifest in our life, it is a very different energy than to ‘prefer’ for something to occur. The difference between the two can often be found in the present moment. If through present moment awareness, we can connect with even a semblance of the essence of our desire, we will begin to attract our manifest desires to us, right then, right there.

Attracting manifest desires into our reality is easy when those desires are compatible with the energy we are currently emitting.

For example: If I’m attempting to create wealth and abundance in my life, it’s very difficult to do from a present moment feeling of “I’m poor.” However, if I can practice present moment awareness and connect with the natural abundance within, I have already begun attracting MORE abundance into my reality.

Like energy attracts like energy. Using the law of attraction to our full advantage means expanding consciousness to recognize this and practicing present moment awareness to assess our thoughts and feelings as they relate to our manifest desires.

Those who regularly practice present moment mindfulness will likely tell you; “When you are at one with the moment, you realize that everything you could ever NEED, exists within that moment.” From this vantage point, all desires become nothing more than preferences as consciousness of the moment itself, creates the experience of inner joy and happiness.

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