Profound After Death Experience With My Son.

(Anglesey North Wales)

My son died at 36 years. We were very close. Nine months later I was at the family home sitting having my supper with no particular thoughts when I felt a wave coming from my feet traveling up my body.

I felt afraid because I thought it was something like a stroke or embolism. It traveled up my legs and torso and when it reached the chest area, it grew more powerful and my sons name echoed loudly and slowly like a chant sound.

It traveled through my head and pulled out of my head hovering above me. It lingered there encompassing the complete essence of my son and his name was in my head loudly, slowly, like a nasal chant sound.

We brought NATHAN'S body here and had an open coffin. His ashes are still here. This is my mothers' house where we all grew up and it is written in a book of houses which are supposed to have ghosts. I felt it could only have happened at this house, a rectory.

The word that came to my mind straight after this experience which left me limp and exhausted was orgasmic. Does anybody know what this was because I have looked on the Internet for someone with a similar experience but with no luck. Please can you help me find an explanation.

Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story. What you describes sounds very much like 'kundalini rising' a term you may want to google.

In my experience, when we open to and then receive the energies from spirit, there is a sense of being 'transformed'......there is a palpable feeling of higher energy involved that can be felt both physically as well as emotionally/spiritually.

I'm so pleased to hear that you've been able to connect with your beloved son in a way that allows you to know the eternal nature of the love you share.


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