Proof Of Life After Death

More After Life Signs From My Brother

What constitutes proof of life after death? Is there life after death? The answer to these questions undoubtedly will vary from person to person. Since my brother’s death, I’ve encountered stunning synchronicity after synchronicity. With each, my personal compilation of proof of life after death, continues to mount.

Is there life after death? The after death signs I’ve received from my brother have led me to answer this question with a resounding Yes! As far as I’m concerned, the profound nature of these meaningful and uncanny coincidences defy any other explanation.

The after death signs from my brother that I encountered recently are no exception.

proof of life after death?

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday at my mom and dad’s house. As we sat around the kitchen table chatting, prior to dinner being served, we cracked the back screen door open so the dogs could come and go as they pleased.

Our conversation was momentarily interrupted as a strong gust of wind suddenly blew the door wide open with such a force that it blew out the screws and metal bracket that attached the chain at the top of the door to the jam. In one fell swoop,they blew inside the house and landed with a tidy thud on the floor. Strangely, the two screws and metal bracket all landed within inches of other. Startled, I immediately thought of my brother, Murray.

Family gatherings always served as poignant reminders that one of us was missing. Although it’s been nearly five years since Murray’s passing, I can still envision him clearly, nonchalantly walking through the door like it was yesterday. His physical presence is always missed dearly, but never so much as during family gatherings.

I picked up the door screws and hardware from the floor and opened the screen to inspect the damage. As I turned my head, I gasped at the sight of the beautiful patch of poppies that were growing at the foot of the stairs, off the deck. Many of the petals of the 50 or so blossoms that now waved gently in the breeze, had been scattered across the grass below in the sudden gust that had come up. The sight of the stunning red blotches against the green momentarily took my breath away.

Poppies have that effect on me. I’ve always been a lover of flowers in general, but since my brother’s passing on Remembrance Day morning, 2005, the poppy has taken on a special significance. Many of the after death signs I receive from Murray involve poppies.

As I handed the screws from the door to my dad, I remarked to him that I hadn’t realized he’d planted a beautiful patch of poppies at the foot of the deck stairs. His reply stunned me.

“I didn’t plant them he told me,” point blank. “I have no idea where they came from. They just grew there. Go take a look around the yard,” He said, “They’re growing all over.”

“What?” I asked him incredulously. “Don’t you think that’s amazing, Dad?” he seemed a little too nonchalant about it all from my perspective. My dad is very analytical and without prompting from me, would likely not have considered what a wild synchronicity it was that poppies, the symbolic flower that just happened to represent the national Day of Remembrance that his son died on, had somehow magically grown in his garden without any action taken on his part.

My dad’s an avid gardener. In his mid-seventies, he still plants and tends to a large vegetable garden every year and his flower gardens that trim the yard are always eye-catching with vibrant color and meticulous upkeep. The synchronicity of poppies just randomly sprouting up all throughout the yard, was something that stood out to me as undeniable proof of life after death. I had no doubt that this was yet one more of many after death signs sent from my brother to signify his continued presence in our lives.

As I ambled around the yard, in awe, slowly surveying the gardens, I began to receive the tell-tale tingles I always receive when connecting with spirit, and in particular when receiving proof of life after death. Poppies had sprouted up randomly in several places throughout the yard, peppering my dad’s regular perennial gardens with splashes of vibrant red. It was not lost on me that for the 35 years that my parent’s had lived in that house, the content of his gardens had mostly remained the same. Never had poppies been planted in them.

The realization that once again, my brother had found a way to include himself in our family gathering through sending us after death signs of his continued presence, and thusly, offering proof of life after death once again,  warmed my heart.

Despite the fact that I’ve received such an abundance of proof of life after death from him, I’m still as awed as ever every time I receive one of his heart-warming after death signs. There is no doubt that our relationship with him continues despite the fact that he has passed from his physical body and from this physical environment. He continues to live on in our hearts and minds, but he also in this instance, appears to signal his continued presence in an astounding and magical way, through my dad’s flower gardens.


Shockingly, almost exactly a month following this experience, my dear uncle who sat across the table from me as the back door flew open, passed away himself on Remembrance Day.

Interestingly enough, it was my Uncle who officiated at Murray's funeral five years prior. He was a talented performer, lively and fun and easily the best joke-teller I've ever heard. In short he was always the life of any party we ever had. He will be dearly missed. I cannot help but think the real fun ones in my family seem to be leaving early....perhaps to get the party started for the rest of us.


Proof of Life After Death

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