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Poppies From Heaven and Other Signs From the Hereafter

Are you looking for proof of life after death? "Poppies From Heaven," will help anyone who is coping with grief. This book provides answers about life after death and it will strengthen your belief in an afterlife.

Is there really life after death? The experiences written about in, "Poppies From Heaven and Other Signs from the Hereafter," have served as powerful proof of life after death for many who have read it.

The after death experiences detailed in this story provide solace to the bereaved and help in coping with grief. The signs and communications describe are incredibly compelling, so much so that they have caused hardened skeptics to re-assess their position regarding their belief in an afterlife.

From the author, Faye Schindelka:

"Mere moments after saying goodbye to my brother's deceased body, his spirit began communicating with me. The following days, weeks and months were filled with numerous and varied, awe inspiring signs from him. These signs were immensely helpful to me in coping with grief. To this day, Murray continues to communicate with me and send me signs from the afterlife. My views about life after death have been forever changed.

As the abundant signs I was receiving from my brother began to mount, I was struck with the idea to write my experiences into a book that I could share with others. I knew that my own profound shock and grief had been greatly alleviated by the amazing signs and proof of life after death that I’d received following Murray’s death. I believed my experiences could help others in coping with grief and moving towards the development of a new relationship with their deceased loved ones.

Throughout the process of writing this book, editing and seeking a publisher for it, I could feel Murray by my side, gently but firmly pushing me through each stage towards its finality.

When my belief lagged regarding my desire to find a publisher for this book, It was my brother’s voice who continued to reassure me that I’d find the perfect publisher for my book if I simply continued to persevere. I’d been warned by many that as a first time author, my chances of finding a publisher were slim to none. However, In February 2010, true to Murray’s word, and with the help of a manifesting technique that was relayed to me through spirit, I signed a publishing contract with O Books in the UK. It seems that the publication of this book is as important to my brother as it is to me.

When I was finally able to hold the printed version of the book inmy hands, it was a powerful moment. Proof of the co-creative power we can continue to share with our loved ones in the afterlife.

The process of writing this book was a labor of love and it undoubtedly served an important role in my own grieving process. I’ve come out on the other end with a new perspective regarding life and death and I relish the idea of sharing my story with others. All of us are capable of after death communication with our loved ones. It is my hope that my story can serve as the catalyst for your own communication with your deceased loved ones. My story proves that all it takes to make this contact is an open mind and a certain level of belief that it is possible. Perhaps my book can serve alongside your own experience as proof of life after death, to help open the door to your own belief that such communication really is possible."

What Others Are Saying About Poppies From Heaven:

Proof of Life After Death and The Eternal Nature of Love

For those of us who have a quest to examine the greatest paradox of all time..Is There Life After Death?..Faye Schindelka has given all of us a guiding light and a thorough understanding into the Afterlife with 'Poppies From Heaven and Other Signs From the Hereafter." This is a true life-changing account of her experiences which remind all of us that we are but spirits ourselves.... having yet another human experience once again. For those hard-nosed skeptics this book may indeed leave you with a need to question your very own perspectives! For all of us believers, this book will strengthen our convictions.

Alan Hatfield, Psychic and Spirit Medium

Through sharing her story about the signs and messages she's received from her brother since his death Faye Schindelka offers us proof of life after death. This book will help those coping with grief. It is a must read for anyone grieving the death of a loved one. Even skeptics will be hard pressed to explain away the many astounding physical signs that Faye received from her brother.

Beth Berry, Psychic Medium

A compelling and deeply sincere account of the remarkable signs experienced by the author after her brother passed on, Poppies from Heaven is yet another link in a long chain of evidence pointing to survival of individual consciousness after death. I recommend this book to anyone who has lost a loved one and seeks the reassurance of an eventual reunion.

Michael Prescott, bestselling author of Final Sins

“As human beings, our biggest challenge is to understand how life and death are inextricably linked. For many, the devastating loss and grief surrounding the death of a loved one can open a portal to a hightened state of awareness that gives rise to extraordinary insights and reinforces a primordial affirmation - death heralds new life. In Poppies From Heaven, Faye Schindelka describes her own powerful journey to a spiritual awakening, following the death of her brother, Murray. In sharing this moving account of after-death communication, Schindelka reminds us that death can result in a positively transformative, life-affirming experience.”

Annamaria Hemingway, Ph.D., author of Practicing Conscious Living and Dying and myths of the afterlife

“Faye Schindelka has done a superb job of baring her soul on the difficult subject of death. It is never easy to deal with a loved one’s death; yet she also gives the reader hope of the continuity of life. She had the remarkable good fortune of being a soul mate with her brother and ultimately of being able to communicate with him. Not only was this journey a life-affirming soul quest for her, but it also helps others to deal with their own grief by knowing their loved ones are in a better place.”

Jody Long, Author, From Soul to Soulmate: Bridges From Near-Death Experience Wisdom, researcher and webmaster for After Death Communications Research Foundation

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