Proof Of Life After Death

Does concrete proof of life after death exist? Respected scientists the world over have been working to provide evidence of life after death since the late nineteenth century. Many colleagues of these imminent professionals began as skeptics, but due to the compelling nature of the evidence provided, came to also hold a firm belief in an afterlife.

Does Science Offer Proof Of Life After Death?

Pioneers in this field such as, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Sir William Crookes, Baron von Schrenck-Notzing, Professor Charles Richet, professor Eugene Osty, professor Gustav Geley and more modern day doctors and scientists, George Meek, Dr. Glen Hamilton, Dr. Kubler-Ross, professor Gary Schwartz, Dr. Melvin Morse, professor David Fontana, Dr. Jeffrey Long and Raymond Moody and many others, often through their own life after death experiences,  have provided us with ample evidence for proof of life after death.

Proof Of Afterlife Through Life After Death Experiences

Many skeptics would have us believe that scientific evidence of life after death is non-existent, when in reality, such evidence has already been produced and it continues to mount. The following link offers  a comprehensive and compelling  overview of life after death researchers; "A Lawyer rebutts Prof. Richard Dawkins, scientist, re: the paranormal.

Many of us who have had personal encounters with after death communication, near death experiences or more general after death experiences,  have all the evidence we need.

 The life after death experiences I've had regarding  my brother Murray have convinced me that not only does our consciousness survive death, but after passing from our physical body, we are more than capable of continued communication with those who remain physically alive.

When we experience first hand evidence or proof of life after death, a monumental shift occurs. We move from perhaps saying that we hold a belief in an afterlife, to completely embracing this belief and living it with emotion. Such a knowing has the power to transform our life. Such a knowing will have a huge impact on those who are coping with the death of a loved one.

My book, Poppies From Heaven and Other Signs from the Hereafter, details the many and varied afterlife signs and communications I received from brother Murray, following his unexpected death in 2005. While I did hold a belief in an afterlife prior to having these experiences, this belief was strengthened tenfold by my having them. They helped me to move from an openness to the idea, to a sense that I truly had received proof of afterlife existence.

The physically occurring signs were by far the most convincing and it was these particular types of signs that had the greatest effect on those who doubt that proof of an afterlife actually exists.

Hard core skeptics who have read the accounts of after death communication and afterlife signs outlined in my book are hared pressed to offer their own explanations and many have even been forced to admit that my story does indeed offer some very compelling evidence for the existence of life after death.

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