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I met psychic-medium, Beth Berry, online mere days ago through a blog comments section on another psychic’s site. I felt an immediate connection to Beth as I read her response to my comments. Amazingly, she had also lost her brother and had begun receiving messages from him shortly after his death. Her story was incredibly similar to mine. It was actually Brian’s communications with Beth that caused her to gain the confidence to use the psychic abilities that she had always known she had. This new-found confidence allowed her to go forth and share her gift with others, to begin working as a professional psychic-medium.

Upon chatting, Beth and I quickly learned that we had other similarities in common; Amazingly, we are both 46! Beth’s birthday is the exact same date as my husbands, and my birthday is the same date as one of her family members. I’ve also noticed from reading some of Beth’s writings on her website, that she often uses the exact same words as I do to describe the phenomena of afterlife communication.

It’s always a wonderful experience to meet someone who appears on the surface to be a total stranger to us, but when we explore a bit deeper, we realize that a connection exists. Beth is definitely one of those people. With her sparkling energy, contagious laugh and overall warm, uplifted attitude, I have no doubt that everyone feels a positive resonance when they initially connect with her.

During our brief phone conversation, Beth clearly demonstrated for me her abilities as a psychic-medium through her strong connection with spirit. “You really must do something about the tension you hold in your shoulders,” she advised me as I sat, holding the phone in one hand, frantically massaging my aching, tense shoulders with the other. This was but one of the many incredibly insightful assessments Beth came up with regarding some very specific aspects of my life…all within mere minutes of hearing my voice!

What's it like being a Psychic-Medium? - My Interview With Beth

Q. When did you first become aware of your abilities?

A. I was 18 yrs. Old. While driving and daydreaming, over and over I heard a voice telling me I was going to be in an accident. This voice kept repeating. The accident occurred two minutes later. Another incident that stands out; I gave my three year old son some medicine for a cold he had. I then sat him down to play. As I prepared to take a shower, my intuitive voice kept advising me to put the medicine away, but I ignored it. I really believed that he was simply too small to reach the bottle on the kitchen counter. To my horror, when I came out of the shower, I discovered he’d ingested the entire bottle of pills. We had to take him to the hospital where he had his stomach pumped. I felt so bad for not listening! It seems that my intuitive voice was always there, giving me warning messages or sometimes simply letting me know who was calling. Like many people, I experience synchronicities such as thinking about someone and then having them call.

Q. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A. A psychic is someone who is clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient. A psychic will have one of these abilities or possible all of them. A psychic can read a person’s past, present and future. Mediums communicate with spirit. All mediums are psychic, but all psychics are not mediums. A medium proves to the sitter that the afterlife exists by giving evidence from spirit. They may describe how the person in spirit looked while here, tell how they passed away, describe their character and life’s memories and give special messages to their loved ones.

Q. How is it possible to connect with the deceased?

A. Well…deceased people are not really dead. We are all made up of energy. Energy never dies. Our body is very dense, but once we rid ourselves of the physical body, our spirits energy is very high, very similar to electricity! The psychic-medium must raise her energy and spirit must lower theirs to communicate clearly. When we are in spirit, we communicate telepathically, so it’s just a matter of ‘re-membering’ and quieting our mind enough to hear the spirit’s thoughts that are passed along to us.

Q. Where do we go when die?

A. We go to the spirit world or what is considered heaven. They are one in the same. It’s just another dimension, not one that’s thousands of miles away like you might expect. Spirit can be around us as much as they choose, as they are only ‘a thought away.’

Q. What do your clients expect from a reading from a psychic-medium?

A. Most people have hopes of communicating with their passed loved ones. I believe they expect to leave the reading with full knowing that their deceased loved ones are still around them. I feel my clients also would like a loving message from their loved ones to cherish. Most of my readings include ‘psychic’ messages also about their future.

To contact psychic-medium, Beth Berry for a reading you may reach her on her website -

Light Of Brian. Here you will find scheduling information, fees and testimonials from Beth’s previous clients.


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