Psychic Phenomenon

Psychic phenomenon refers to those happenings of a seemingly metaphysical nature,  that appear to have their roots established beyond the well accepted physical laws that appear to  govern the world.  As such, I see  metaphysical happenings and psychic experiences as offering us a means to see beyond the confines of the physical world, to know ourselves as spirit.

psychic phenomenon

Psychic phenomenon can take a multitude of  forms.

 From the time I was very young, I’ve experienced a vast array of  psychic and metaphysical experiences, from sensing and even seeing spirit, to receiving knowledge and understanding about previously long buried family secrets, to simply seeing and knowing what was going to happen,  before it actually became manifest.

 It would be fair to say, these types of happenings have become almost commonplace in my life. That said, they still have to power to inspire a sense of  awe within me and to remind me that there is more going on here than what initially  meets the physical eye.

Examples Of Psychic Phenomenon

The most obvious forms of psychic phenomenon include knowing what is going to happen before it happens, or  seeing into the future, or communicating telepathically with a friend or loved one, either physically alive, or deceased.  It can also include somehow knowing something about another you have no previous knowledge of, or in it’s more subtle form,  even something as simple as having a conversation with someone you are close to, and finishing each others sentences.

 Most of us have  had the uncanny  experience of thinking about a friend we haven’t seen in ages, only to hear from them shortly after, which can make it seem as though intentions and thoughts are being broadcasted through the airwaves, and then being intercepted.

I recall being around eight or nine years old, accompanying my father to the horse races. I looked up to the sky and watched a bird seemingly trace the number seven in the air. My dad had already left the bench to place his bet, but when he returned, I told him that I absolutely knew number 7 would be coming in first place. He checked his program, and chuckled, telling me that it would be quite the long shot it that were to happen, as the odds were not at all in favor, based upon the horses past performance.

Sure enough, number seven came up from behind, winning the race and utterly astonishing my father. I was not at all surprised myself, as the certain knowing prior to the actual manifestation, was unwavering.

I wish I could say that my psychic abilities were fully dependable when it came to gambling in general. Although this experience has been duplicated for me in similar ways  many times since,  it's not something that I could ever rely upon consistently.  The seeing and knowing about such things related to gambling or picking winning numbers,   comes when it comes, and there is little I can do to force it.

I also often experience psychic and metaphysical  phenomenon of a more inconsequential subtle form; For example, a random thought arises while I'm in the shower, that my child will be arriving home from school with a story about her teacher involving baking, or the sudden knowledge that my husband will be late for dinner, despite him saying otherwise. 

One of the most stunning examples of psychic phenomenon between myself and  one of my  children, occurred when I was driving home with groceries one afternoon. About a quarter of a mile away from home, I suddenly received an image of my son lying on the ground, having fallen from his long board, and I could clearly hear him crying.

It was difficult to control the urge to speed as I passed through the playground zone leading to our home. As I pulled up to my house, I saw my husband's truck, a rare sight at that time of day, parked in front. I parked quickly and rushed into the house, in full knowing that my son was injured and needed me.

Sure enough, there his stood when I entered through the door, looking for a hug,  face bloodied, tears in eyes, clearly shaken. He'd knocked out one tooth and broken the other, and had multiple cuts and scrapes on his body. Thankfully,  it didn't take long to see that after a little stint in the dentists chair, he was going to be fine.

A much less dramatic occurrence happened Just a few days ago. My husband told me about a local female athlete  whom I've never heard of, whom  he met while on a job. As I flipped through a magazine moments after, the thought arose that I would see this woman's  story featured on the pages of the magazine I was holding. The thought disappeared and then later that night, my husband approached me with a different magazine, excitedly pointing out the picture and story in it, that was featuring the female athlete he'd met earlier that day.

 On that note, I also see synchronicity, those astonishingly uncanny circumstances that defy the odds,   as being  related to  psychic phenomenon.  The lines can indeed become quite blurred between a premonition and  synchronicity. My own after death experiences following my brother’s death, fall under this category. I’d often receive a message from him telepathically, alerting me to the fact that he would be sending me a sign of a specific form, and then shortly after, the sign would appear.

Regardless of the fact that such experiences defy a fixed scientific explanation, psychic phenomenon offer us experiential proof that there is more to this physical life than what directly meets the eye.

Psychic And Metaphysical Phenomenon As A Reminder

metaphysical phenomenon

When I was much younger, psychic phenomenon left me in awe, but mostly deeply curious about the mechanism behind it all. These days, despite the continuation of a certain degree of awe,  to a large degree, the deep curiosity regarding psychic phenomenon has lifted. In its place, is an acceptance and embracing of the fact that there are unseen energies that permeate physical existence. In short, these metaphysical experiences stand as proof of sorts, of the presence of the spiritual.

 I’ve come to regard psychic phenomenon of all sorts, as an indicator or reminder that spirit is fundamental to physical life. Few will deny that psychic phenomenon has the effect of grabbing our attention, and that in  itself, is no small thing considering how easy it is to get carried away in the flow of mind and thought, often becoming temporarily unaware of the magic of the present moment.

 Thus, metaphysical experience  can be taken as a guidepost of sorts, to alert you to the fact that you are spiritually on course. Next time you experience a flash of intuition, an uncanny synchronicity or receive a phone call from a friend or relative you were just thinking about, take a moment to acknowledge that the spirit within has just given you a little wake-up call.

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