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What To Expect In A Psychic Reading By Email

My psychic readings by email allow you to receive a confidential, in-depth psychic reading in the privacy of your own home. The benefits of an email reading include having a written transcript of the reading that you can refer back to anytime.

Do you have a burning question in mind or would you simply like to re-affirm your direction in life?

My Psychic Readings By Email Help Provide The Clarity And Direction You Are Seeking

Your reading was overwhelming positive and encouraging and eerily accurate.


Truly Remarkable! I have never had such an accurate, precise reading in my entire life. I wasn't looking for a psychic or a reading but came across this site. It was meant to be. Faye has truly touched and soothed my soul. Truly amazingly precise and accurate!

S.R. Canada

Dear Faye, I want to thank you so much for your reading. As I read each line my heart filled with joy, and I found myself crying. It feels great to hear that I am on the right path. Everything in your reading makes sense and feels right. I will cherish this gift that I have and allow myself to be who I am. I will let it flow.

Thank you so much! I realize that I have so much abundance right now and feel so much gratitude.

R. Canada

Your reading validated what I was feeling and experiencing for a long time. The confidence I felt in myself after your reading has propelled me to a new level of awareness and understanding. Thank you so much.

R. Canada

The information I relay comes to me through a form of channeling, through connecting with the energy of your guides/spirit and allowing their words and guidance to flow through me.

The moment my fingers hit the keyboard, my conscious mind moves out of the forefront, and spirit begins moving through me to answer your questions and give specific guidance that pertains directly to you. "Channeled writing" would be the best, most accurate way to describe what happens when I sit down to answer your questions.

Specifics Of Your Reading:

I answer two questions per email reading, and provide one follow up question. If you are looking for a very specific answer, please phrase your questions as specifically and with as much detail as possible. Vague, general questions, will receive more generalized, less detailed answers.

After you've sent your questions through, and I receive them,  I will  ask you to email me a recent photo of yourself. This often helps me to provide more detail. If you are for some reason unable to do this though, no worries. Plenty of information comes through even absent a photo.

Please note, although sometimes I may connect with a deceased loved one while doing your reading, I am not officially a medium, but rather a psychic/intuitive.  There is a difference. My focus as a psychic/intuitive is upon the day to day specifics of your life, taking into consideration your past, present and future, with regards to the questions you are wanting to know about. A medium specifically connects with the deceased.

If you are interested in a mediumistic reading for the purpose of connecting with the deceased, there are many good mediums out there, two in particular I highly recommend (but  have no professional affiliation with) are: Shawn Leonard, and Beth Berry.

If you choose to use the services of either of these mediums, it's between you and them.

How To Order Your Psychic Reading By Email:

Click on the paypal button and pay for your reading, and then come back to any page on this site, and click on the "site information" button at the top of  the page. You will see "Contact" in the drop down menu that appears. 

Type out your birth date and both of your questions in the greatest detail possible, and submit.Once I receive your questions, I will relay my  email address to you, where you can send your photo. 

It's also a good idea to submit your phone number, just in case I have difficulty getting a hold of you through email. (spam filter issues can sometimes arise).

Your psychic reading by email is always completely private and confidential. None of your information will ever be shared.

Psychic Reading By Email

More Testimonials For My Psychic Readings By Email:

"I've been receiving psychic readings by email from Faye for several years now and she never ceases to amaze me with her accuracy. The way she combines her psychic abilities with her knowledge about the law of attraction. She put my mind at ease and helped me to believe that I truly can manifest all of the desires of my heart!”

Alan K.

“I was a bit of a skeptic, but decided to try one of these psychic readings by email anyway. I was blown away. It felt like Faye was able to peek inside my heart and soul. Not only did she validate everything currently going on in my life, but she left me filled with hope about the future. I can’t say enough about the quality of this reading.”

Michael S. USA

“Everything Faye told me came to pass. Faye’s honestly and integrity comes through in her reading. She actually told me that she does not encourage clients to have readings any more often than every six months (and that a year between is optimum) as its important not to become dependent. This spoke volumes in my opinion. I highly recommend this psychic.”

Lauren M. USA

Faye's  reading went well beyond what I was expecting. She told me things that I had not shared through my questions. It was as though she could see exactly what I've experienced in my life and she gave me so much validation about what's currently happening and what will be coming in the future. What I really loved was how she gave details that no one could know unless they were actually psychic.



A good psychic reading by email or any good psychic reading for that matter, should resonate with and support your own inner voice, not replace it. While I do my absolute best to offer the most accurate insights and information possible, please know that I can not guarantee a particular outcome. The future is not carved in stone. Free will is always a factor and always has a bearing on the outcome of present energy. Energy shifts and changes in accordance with our vibration, which is never stagnant.

I hold no responsibility for any decision made based upon information provided by a psychic email reading or information provided by this website.

A Psychic reading by email is intended as guidance only and should not be substituted for professional advice from a doctor, financial adviser or other professional. If you are facing serious mental or physical distress, it is recommended that you seek professional help.

For entertainment purposes only. You must be 18+ to purchase a reading.

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