Psychic Development

Psychic development is possible for all of us. In many, these skills are simply lying latent. Every one of us possesses the capability to develop our psychic ability. At our basis we are all spirit, pure consciousness temporarily inhabiting a physical body, and as such, we all have the capability to expand our awareness beyond the parameters of our five senses. We all hold within our being the key that will grant us access to all information at all times. Intuitive ability is built into the very core of each one of us.

Desire is the key that opens the door to psychic ability. When strong desire is coupled with strong belief that psychic ability exists and is possible, our intuitive ability comes to life.

Confidence is an extremely important factor in intuitive  development. Like many skills, if we believe ourselves to be psychic, we will find that we are. Doubt and skepticism regarding abilities severely limit any intuitive guidance we may otherwise receive. When we learn to trust and rely upon our psychic ability, we'll begin to receive solid and reliable guidance more often. I know personally that the more I embrace and trust the psychic guidance that comes from within, the stronger it gets and the more I can rely it.

When intuitive hunches become proven as fact, it becomes much easier to trust in your psychic ability.I find the mere act of acknowledging an intuitive hunch as correct can greatly serve to strengthen psychic development. I recommend using a journal to record all intuitive hunches you receive that turn out to be correct, as this aids in building psychic confidence levels.

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Meditation - A powerful tool for psychic development

As with all spiritual and metaphysical pursuits, mindfulness meditation is a wonderful and important tool in strengthening psychic ability. Psychic ability involves going within to listen to the inner voice of spirit, and meditation helps train us for this, and also raises our vibration.

Other forms of meditation can serve as a vehicle to receiving psychic guidance and messages. I've found various activities other than traditional meditation that also aid in this. Really, any activity where you focus inward in a self pleasing way can be considered a form of meditation. I receive many psychic insights and flashes of intuition when I'm working on a painting, listening to music and most often when I'm showering! Anything that quiets the mind and takes the focus off the outside world can help put us into the place we need to be in to receive psychic guidance.

The more attention we give to our psychic development, the more we will see it expand. Begin to honor even the tiniest of hunches and follow through with them to experience the outcome. Don't become discouraged if your psychic ability seems to fail you. It's only through experiencing the difference in feeling between a hunch that is right, verses one that is wrong, that you'll get to know the difference between the two.

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