Recognizing Your Soulmate - NDE Studies Reveal Important Spiritual Truths

Would you like information on recognizing your soulmate? I highly recommend you read the following book. Through analyzing the post death experience, Author Jody Long reveals some astounding spiritual truths she has discovered through her extensive NDE studies.

recognizing your soulmate;

Book Review: From Soul to Soulmate - Bridges From Near-Death Experience Wisdom By Jody Long

This is an incredibly uplifting book. Author Jody Long, does a beautiful job of leading you, the reader, through a process where you will arrive in the perfect place for recognizing your soul mate.

Through her extensive NDE studies, Jody Long has accessed important wisdom and profound spiritual truths. The most important being that “love” is at the center of our universe and that it is in fact the very reason for our physical life experience.

In the NDE studies portion of the book, Ms. Long shares a myriad of amazing personal stories about those who have had post death experiences through coming very close to death. Ms. Long’s NDE studies reveals many common threads amongst those who have had a post death experience, the most important and encompassing being, the afterlife experience of encountering profound love, harmony and peace.

This book has a very informative section on relationships. Along with her NDE studies and research, Ms. Long has worked as an attorney in family Law, a career that gave her some stunning insight and inside glimpses into the subject of loving and not-so-loving relationships. No doubt, through her own personal experiences, the author has gleaned knowledge on this subject that most of us will never experience first hand. I consider myself to be pretty well-rounded in my knowledge of human relationships, yet still learned a lot from reading this section.

The last section of this book describes in detail the soulmate experience, complete with many descriptions about recognizing your soulmate. The personal accounts she includes brought tears to my eyes, made my heart soar and brought instant recognition of my own personal soul relationships.

This is a must read for all of you currently hoping to find your soulmate and all of you wondering about successfully recognizing your soulmate. It’s also an extremely important and valuable source of information for anyone who has ever asked the age old question, "Why am I here?" In brief summation, this book would answer this question with the resounding answer; “We are here to learn how to LOVE?”

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Jody Long perfoms NDE studies and research and is webmaster for the website which features information gleaned from NDE studies and research as well as it’s affiliate websites, (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) and of Body Research Foundation).

These are a triad of websites designed to collect information on all aspects of consciousness.

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