by Wendi

Quite an interesting site you have here! Your stories of after death communication with Murray are very entertaining to read.

I do believe in reincarnation, for our physical being must go somewhere. If anything, the very worms, flies and bacteria eat it, and become invigorated by our very bodily matter. It gives them life too. Reincarnation is very possible and true, for in fact, I am doing it right now, eating my turkey sandwich and drinking my hot cocoa.

This is all quite the pleasant surprise to stumble upon. I hear so much about humans, animals and such. What I don't hear much of are plants, bacteria and the like. Interesting. Perhaps we are not ready to understand their means of communication.

A thought has occurred. We seem to hear much about Heaven, but Hell, to me, seems quite impossible. I have never come into contact with any deceased ones that have told me of such a place. Yes, I have made contact with the dead. Micheal Jackson, being one of many most recent visitors.

For me, it seems to be television shows and video games I receive the more 'symbolic' messages. Like when I was young, I had aquired an allergen on my feet, it was quite painful and sometimes, I couldn't even walk. PE class was utter torture! I realized the out break to be a rash from stress.

Over some time when I stopped worrying about little things, it disappeared, then years later I was watching my favorite show, It ended. I wanted to change the channel, so, I went through the guide. However, I happened to see something on the other show, severe Athlete's foot! Looking much like what I had! Then,
to my surprise, I became engrossed within the episode and the series itself, and I then became a member of a site, I became stressed,then, what happens, but the rash again!

I took that as a warning sign it would come back again, and so it did!

I then began to have dreams of Aztecs and Mayans all dancing around a tree in a celebratory fashion, and realized it to be the cocoa tree! I found myself compulsively searching for cocoa, like I was being guided despite my will, and found it was the solution to my anxiety and panic attacks! Perhaps the Aztecs and Mayans were sending me messages of how to over come my stress! That must have been it.

Since then, I've learned about brain chemicals that are naturally released to help us feel emotions (sadness, happiness, fear, grief etc.) and have achieved a happier, healthier life style. Like the grief you experienced with the loss of a loved one, crying releases a happy "feel good" chemical called endorphins.

Endorphins are responsible for feelings of serenity, glee and euphoria, endorphins then release dopamine, that gives us a sense of pleasure and reward. Dopamine releases serotonin, a calming relaxant, and finally, melatonin, which is the result of you being calm and happy enough for your energies to match those of your deceased, allowing him to make a full complete connection with you.

To think it was those Aztecs and Mayans who helped me learn all of this, and arrive at your very website!

Hmmm...something has just now occurred to me. The word I must type in below appears to be a message, for if I remove some of the letters, it reads "MANIA". How appropriate!

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Aug 15, 2010
Hi Wendi!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for posting your comments! I just love hearing stories from those who are 'tuned in'!! You're not 'manic' just 'tuned in!'

No doubt, the voice of spirit can reach us through absolutely any avenue that our physical experience presents..once again, really drives the point home that it ALL spiritual!!

So cool. I had just finished having a conversation with my husband and kids about taking a trip during the winter to see the Mayan ruins....then read your post!! Love it when that kind of a connection happens!

Thanks Wendi for visiting my site and for sharing your insights, Keep in touch,

Love and Peace,

Aug 28, 2010
A Big B...a big deal.
by: Wendi

Me again. How amusing it is, for you to just so happen to think of going to the Mayan ruins then read my post! Perhaps it was telepathy, or they willed to show something.

On to something a bit frightening, but heart warming. Just after visiting your site, I had recieved a message from my mother about how a good friend (Brian, nicknamed 'Big B') of my half sister and her fiance was one of eight killed by a runaway truck driver the night before. How was it I happened to come to this site after his death...without ever 'knowing' of his death?

I was telling her about your site, when I notcied two white butterflies outside. Interesting...B is very close to the letter 8. To add, before reading, I had to post a code in to submit the comment, and it had something to with the letter...EIGHT! So many things with eight in them. That night, I just so happened to walk into the computer room and mother was watching a video on the crash scene. When I came out, over the radio station, I heard the lyrics to a song "Only the good die young". Later, while I had my news feed turned OFF, I got TWO messages on the news feed on the accident! I had it turned OFF! How did that happen without their intervention?

The next day, I went to white river rafting, and notcied several insects, (flies, bees, wasps, dragonflies and damselleflies) follwing us and landing ON us, not to mention a big dragonfly that 'happened' to land on my shoe, the fly right on my hand, staring me in the face. A bumble bee kept flying into my glasses too. Bee...made sense!

Then, the oars of the raft were yellow and black, the colors of a bee! I took all of these as signs. I have come to the awareness that my most dominant tell-tale sign is a pressure (not like a headache, but a pressure) on the middle of my forehead (where the third eye is said to be) along with tingles like you describe. Sometimes while I'm walking I will stop and reccieve 'visions' and "hear" 'voices' of those deceased.

How you say they use music to talk with us, I've notcied if i am listening to a song with words, the words will change to something relevant to ones deceased. If it's instruments, I will "hear" their 'voices' instead of the violins, or they will be "shouting" over the trumpets, but without even raising their voices, whatever happens to be playing, they seem to use to talk with me. I am a very muscial person, after all, so it doesn't surprise me they use that to talk with me.

However, a few days later, something more...alarming, frightening happened. I shall tell you of that one later, if you wish to know.

Aug 28, 2010
by: Faye

First, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend(s)....No matter how much after death contact we receive from our deceased loved ones, we will still feel the void of their physical absence.

However, we can help ourselves through our grief when we recognize that we can connect through ADC's.... you are a wonderful example of someone who is completely tuned-in to the energy of spirit and you've inspired me this morning!

It's really an incredible experience when we get into one of those time periods where we're literally just 'flowing' with you seem to be...where we merge our physical world and selves with expanded consciousness.

You obviously are receiving signs from some very active energies...but you also demonstrate how important it is to be OPEN to those signs.

Thanks again for sharing and Yes! I'd love to hear more!! This stuff is seems whenever I hear someone else's story of contact with spirit, I usually receive a sign myself shortly thereafter...proof that the law of attraction also plays a part in our receiving of signs from the deceased.

Sending you love and light,

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