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Love affirmations that harness the power of law of attraction

Relationship affirmations and law of attraction love affirmations become incredibly powerful when they resonate with truths/beliefs that we hold deep within. Affirmations are an easy and effective way to strengthen beliefs that we already hold to some degree. Unless we first hold a ‘seed’ of belief, they will have little power to manifest your desires.

In order for these relationship Affirmations to work, it is imperative that the affirmation rings true to you. If not, you are merely reading or reciting powerless words.

The law of attraction dictates that we attract to us things and circumstances that match our personal vibration. Thus, affirmations that resonate with us even a little, as being true or within the realm of what we can believe,  will attract to us yet stronger resonance, thereby strengthening our belief and shifting our vibration towards manifesting our desire. When we feel love within, we create it within our physical reality. Relationship affirmations and law of attraction love affirmations work best when they magnify our own feelings of self love.

I’ve listed some examples below. Feel free to tailor them to your individual, personal tastes and needs. It’s important to make an affirmation as personal and comfortable feeling as possible. Work with each love affirmation, tweaking it as need be, until it resonates with you as 'truth.' 

law of attraction Relationship affirmations

I feel deeply and I’m capable of accessing my own emotions.

I have much love to give. As love flows from me, it is reflected back.

I act in loving, caring ways whenever possible. As such, I attract towards me.

I am a loving, nurturing person, deserving of love from someone special.

I am unique and special. I deserve the love of someone unique and special.

The universe and everything in it, aspires to love, light and abundance.

I am ready to meet my soul mate.

I have space in my life to receive a loving partner.

I am grateful for the love that already exists in my life. (You can get very specific here and mentally go through all the avenues that already exist within your life that bring you love). I love myself.

I am good at loving.

I can feel the loving energies of the universe surrounding me.

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