Self Esteem Exercises To Harness The Law Of Attraction

A Review of Hello, You're Fabulous By Sandy Slovack M.A.

The Self Esteem exercises offered in this book are powerful.  Author Sandy Slovack has created an effective, step by step guide to Harnessing The Law of Attraction Through Increasing Self Esteem.

Hello, You're Fabulous contains a wealth of  self esteem exercises designed to increase your overall personal vibration. What results is a concise, easy to follow road-map to Harness the Law of Attraction and thereby create the life of your dreams.

Slovack’s approach cuts to chase in terms of getting to the heart of the matter where the law of attraction is concerned. In targeting an underlying improvement in self esteem through a series of methodical  self esteem exercises and easy to follow processes designed to propel one into full out self-acceptance and self-love, she targets the fundamentals of feeling good.

“Paying attention to our emotions is how we can measure our alignment with our fundamental self-worth.” Sandy Slovack M.A.

At the cornerstone of all law of attraction teachings, is the idea that  ‘feeling good’ is the means of effectively harnessing the law of attraction.

In this book, Slovack has hit the nail directly on the head so to speak,  as self esteem, really,  is central to all feelings about whatever is arising in experience, thus, if self-love is firmly in place, feeling good about all other aspects of  life comes naturally.

One of the things I love about this book is that it is written by someone who has actually  experienced first-hand what it means to move from a position of very low self esteem (from being suicidal) to a position of rampant self love and acceptance. The author speaks from first-hand experience as she describes the difference  in terms of manifesting from a place of low self esteem versus a place of self love, thus, every word Slovak speaks in this book has the deep ring of authenticity.

Beyond the offerings of personal wisdom gleaned through personal experience, what I also love about this book is that it offers easy to follow, practical processes that truly do have the power to affect real change in the personal vibration you are offering to the Universe.  Absent a practical path to feeling better about oneself, all talk about increasing self esteem or increasing personal vibration, really is just that. Talk. This book offers practical “doings.”

“What I am inviting you to consider is the idea that you are, at your core, a whole, healthy, brilliant bundle of magnificent and radiant brilliance. Through the process of this book, you will be able to remember that and feel that.” Sandy Slovack M.A.

Self Esteem Exercises That Really Work

The author begins by  addressing currently held beliefs about self and does so in a way that makes it easy to unearth even deeply held, perhaps previously unseen beliefs. These are usually the beliefs that are most important to see, for in lying deep, they give foundation to the less ingrained beliefs that lie close to the surface. She helps you to see how these beliefs are currently limiting you and your propensity to experience joy.  

The exercises and processes Slovack offers,  progress methodically and incrementally, so as to honor the gradual step by step upward movement on the emotional scale that successful harnessing of Law of Attraction depends upon.

Hello, You’re Fabulous, with its step by step self esteem exercises could really be called a mini course in raising self esteem, raising your personal vibration, thereby, harnessing your ability to manifest your desires successfully.

 To purchase Hello, You're Fabulous or contact the author to order directly and save shipping costs. You can reach Sandy Slovack at Self Esteem Solutions.


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