Instantly Increase Self Esteem, Shift Your Vibration and Experience a New Level of Self Love

Looking to increase self esteem, shift your vibration and experience enhanced levels of self love and inner confidence? Try this exercise.

Exercise to increase self esteem and promote self love

To shift your vibration to whole new level of positivity,  do something really kind for someone else and don’t tell another soul about it! Make it something out of the ordinary, something really special. Although it's a start, holding the door open for another while entering the bank simply won’t cut it here. Make a point to go out of your way for another, either by donating money, time or simply offering assistance or a solution to a specific problem someone in your midst  is experiencing.

The truth is, no one ever really “needs” the help of another. I’ve always believed that being charitable towards others serves the one committing the act of kindness to a much higher degree than the one receiving it.

In giving, we must be careful not to further erode the recipients sense of powerlessness……charity is not so charitable when it causes someone to feel worse about themselves or their current plight.  In attempting to help another, we certainly do not want to decrease their own level of self love or self worth.   Therefore, it’s always important to pick someone you are quite sure will accept your kindness in the light it was intended.

Where does law of attraction enter into the equation?

Each of us possesses our own connection to spirit and law of attraction is intricately tied to that. Thus each of us is capable of creating anything and everything we could ever ‘need.’ However, receiving assistance from another generally makes us feel really good and this often serves as a much needed reminder that the world is indeed capable of providing us with love as well as all other forms of abundance. Holding such a view will shift your vibration.

With this in mind, try to choose a ‘good deed’ that will have the effect of letting another person really know that you care. The effect, when you commit such a random act of kindness, is an immediate shift in vibration and a powerful feeling of self love.

Whatever act of kindness you choose, the key to this exercise, is that you keep it completely to yourself. You do not tell a soul. You hold the warm glow created by your act of kindness within, and allow it to live inside of you as a profoundly sweet memory.

By telling others about such an act we diffuse the effect it has upon ourselves. By keeping it to ourselves we are reinforcing a belief that says that our own personal opinion of self is by far the most important one. By not ‘needing’ to share your good deed, you rise above the need of lower ego to ‘shine’ in the eyes of others. While most of us do enjoy others looking upon us favorably, many of us take this to an extreme. This is when a crisis of self esteem occurs. Our personal opinion of self should never be dependent upon the opinions of others. When we rely upon our own inner opinions and perspective, our level of self love stands a much better chance of flourishing.

The effect of committing an act of kindness and keeping such a ‘secret’ is beyond description. When you make a habit out of regularly committing small but meaningful acts of random kindness and not telling a soul, you are contributing to an overall increase in self esteem for yourself and helping to shift your vibration and the end result will be an abundance of self love.

As humans we are all interconnected. We all emanate from the same "one" energy. This is why we feel compelled to help one another and this is why our self esteem is increased when we know we've been of service to others...essentially when we help others...we are helping ourselves by building our own self esteem.

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