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When we shift vibration to enlarge our view or perspective of the reality before us, we instantly expand our consciousness and in doing so, align more closely in vibration with Source/God.  Shifting vibration allows us to manifest a reality where solutions to our problems exist. Another way to look at this is; Changing our vibration allows us access into different realities.

Stepping back to take a broader view of any circumstances we are currently facing, has enormous value. When we can expand our consciousness, expand our view of life, our perception changes. For example; If I’m experiencing frustration over a relationship issue, I can choose to take a step back and view this issue from a broader perspective. I can attempt to view it from a position of spirit, from the vantage point of my higher self. Often by doing this, the perspective regarding the issue appears very different. It becomes much easier from this vantage point to see solutions to the problem or to even realize that the problem itself is actually quite trivial in the large scheme of things. When we arrive at such a new and different perspective, we have effectively shifted our vibration to one of higher consciousness. Once we do this, the law of attraction will take care of the rest.

How to Shift Vibration

Whenever I find myself facing unpleasant circumstances within my immediate reality, I take a step back and I remind myself of this spiritual truth that has been channeled to me many times over from my higher self.

“Despite current appearances, everything is really okay. A positive outcome…a happy ending is ALWAYS in the works. The universe is always aspiring to my highest good. Even something that appears to be negative is leading me towards higher knowledge of self, thus it is leading me to higher and higher levels of expanded consciousness. No problem exists without a solution to it".

Reciting these spiritual truths in times of stress or in the face of troubling issues always has a calming effect. It allows me to step back and re-evaluate the entire situation from a broader perspective, thus shifting my vibration. When we expand our consciousness, we instantly shift our vibration to a higher/faster frequency. When this occurs, because of the law of attraction, SOLUTIONS to our problems become accessible. When we approach life’s difficulties from a place of limited consciousness, frustration and stress, we are emanating a vibration that is only compatible with similar occurrences. In order to be a match to solutions to our issue, we must shift our vibration to one that is compatible with more positive outcomes.

When we are embroiled within stressful thoughts regarding life’s difficulties, the very reality we exist within in that moment is a reality that simply does not hold a solution. The law of attraction dictates this. When we shift our vibration through expansion of consciousness by choosing higher thoughts, it’s like we step into a new reality. Within this new reality, we now face a whole new set of circumstances.

It is the thoughts that we think on a moment-to-moment basis that determine the energetic vibration that we emanate. Next time you’re immersed within stress and frustration over a life issue that you are facing, try reminding yourself that in the big scheme of things……everything really is okay. In doing so, you will shift vibration.

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Relief from any unwanted circumstance,  is as close as your ability to release the negative thoughts behind it.

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