Sign from a deceased friend - broken television

by Helen

A friend of mine died very suddenly on October 22, 2012. It happened that we hadn't spoken in a while, and I was feeling really guilty that I couldn't remember what our last conversation had been, or when.

For four days after he died, it had been eating away at me, then on the fifth day I happened to see an article in a newspaper where some guy had been dwelling on what his last words with his dying father were going to be, and the guy had come to the conclusion that too much emphasis was placed on last words and that it was all the other memories that really mattered.

Initially, I thought that was a sign from my friend that he'd forgiven me and was telling me not to worry about whatever our last words had been. But as time went on I started wondering if it was a coincidence after reading some people's lovely comments on various websites saying signs were a load of crap, etc.

The man in the paper had been in a different situation, after all, in that he had known for a few months that his father was dying and had had time to dwell on the last words. Also, none of the names in the article had any significance to us. I wanted to believe, but couldn't be sure, until something happened to convince me.

My friend
and I had become friends just before Christmas 2008. That Christmas, my Grandad's television had broken down and it had ended up causing World War 3 among my family (long story, a lot of which isn't relevant) and this friend was the one person who'd managed to make me smile, taking time out to let me vent even though we'd only just met then. He kept me going. Over time, it became a running joke between us about whether the television was working at Christmas.

Then not long after reading the article, my grandad called to say that his television had gone wrong. It had started changing channels of its own accord. It apparently lasted for a couple of hours then stopped. I am now convinced that this was my friend's attempt to cheer me up, and that the article was a real sign as well.

Dear Helen,

Thanks so much for sharing your story...and I'm very sorry for your recent loss. I always tell people that the feeling we get from the happening, is our indication that we're receiving a sign from the deceased. If something even makes you pause to ask, "was that just a sign," and the thought that it is, makes you feel even a little bit 'good,' you have your answer!

It's so wonderful that you were able to receive the signs your friend is sending....wishing you many more!

With Love,

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Nov 13, 2012
I think he may have sent another sign
by: Helen

Well, I had another moment of doubt on Saturday after my uncle said that he wasn't convinced my grandad's television had ever changed channels by itself at all and he thought Grandad had just imagined it because of the medication he was on, so I wondered for a time whether that could be right and that my friend hadn't sent me that sign at all (although I was still trying to cling on to the one with the newspaper article). The next day I was back on your site and checked out the link to the ADCRF and was looking at the stories of after death communication - one caught my eye as being from someone who shared the same first name and initial of surname as my friend! The actual story didn't share any similarities to him but it was enough that they shared a name and it got rid of the doubts once and for all. My uncle clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.

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