Signs From The Afterlife - Cardinals

by Susan
(Wilson, NC)

My father just passed away on 6/25/11. He was 80 years old and was in pretty good health. He had cut grass and edged up his yard and his 83 yr. old neighbors yard.

He sat down in his chair under a shade tree, took his shoes off and went to sleep and never woke up.

I am at peace with how he went into eternity and how he lived while he was with us. We were extremely close as I was an only child and my 2 daughters (22 & 18) were his only grandchildren. Saw him daily and talked often.

He always drew birds on our bday cards and doodled them on a regular basis. He loved cardinal as does my mother (78). The day after his death, my oldest daughter (who has always been an indigo child and clairvoyant) saw several cardinals congregated in her yard. She thought it odd but didn't say anything to me until 3 days after his death. She was talking to me while she was driving to work and said "omg...I just saw a cardinal fly in front of my car in the rain".

Not 2 hours later, I was sitting in my mother's house and a neighbor (who has no clue about my dad's bird fondness or my daughter's earlier comment) said, "wow! look at that bird!"

I looked out the door and sure enough it was a cardinal acting very oddly! He was walking back and forth on the branch like a parakeet would do and jumping up into the smaller branches as if he was saying "LOOK AT ME".

My daughter sees them everyday and even saw one fly by her car with a bluebird. I had one fly behind me while getting something out of my trunk and it sat on my neighbor's deck and looked straight at me!

I had one fly in front of me while pulling out of my driveway and land in the dogwood tree my father planted 20 years ago! I believe in miracle and signs and I know it is my father or at least a sign letting us know he is with us! I hope he knows we miss him but that we are at peace that he never suffered physically on earth and that he was the best!

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Jul 07, 2011
Re: Your amazing afterlife signs from your Father
by: Faye

Dear Susan,

Wow. Despite the fact that I've received countless signs from my brother, I still become filled with awe when I read about the incredible signs others are also receiving!!

It seems that so often afterlife signs are sent through birds and when the type of bird is so specific and has such a close tie in with the deceased, there is simply no denying the existence of sign.

No doubt, your father is close by and you can bet he's thrilled to know that you've all picked up on the signs he's sending. Try and remember, that whether you see birds or receive validation in the form of other signs he sends, he is always no more than a thought away....right to your heart.

Thank you so much for sharing and offering up your own person story that very much offers further proof of life after death.

With Love,

Jul 11, 2016
Retired Electrical Engineer NEW
by: Harry Samuels

Messenger of Death

May 11, 20016 – While I was sitting in our lanai mourning our son’s death (that morning our son severely cut his leg, passed out, and bled to death), I noticed a bright red Cardinal sitting on a tree branch. He then flew up into the tree and quickly returned, looked me in the eye, and began rubbing his bill on the tree branch. He then flew up into the tree and once again quickly returned, looked me in the eye, and began rubbing his bill on the tree branch, then flew away.
He appeared to be saying, "I’m sorry, really sorry."
I never saw a Cardinal in this area before or after this date.

Harry Samuels
Bradenton, Florida

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