Spiritual Awakening - Why The urgency?

Awakening spiritually  means becoming conscious of the facet of Self that rests in stillness, that never changing consciousness that  gives rise to all manner of appearances.Awakening in this way means moving beyond a state of unconsciousness, to  becoming aware of the machinations and movements of mind that previously had the ability to sweep out attention away.

Spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awareness can never be forced. This expanding or  unfolding of consciousness occurs naturally and is best supported through adopting a stance of  love, acceptance and allowance  towards our current state of being and current experience of reality.

When we can not only accept all arising circumstances of this present moment, but actually embrace them, the sense of emotionally needing for anything to manifest outside of what is already manifesting in this moment, will fall away. Thus, seeking itself will cease.

The sense of urgency many attribute to spiritual awakening, or what they may be terming 'awakening to the Truth' can only arise if they believe that what they are currently living and being is a lie. Such a belief can only arise in the face of personal judgment, which is always indicative of abidance in mind.

seeking spiritual awakening

Many actively seek spiritual awakening as though they're life depends upon it. The very act of such seeking is indication that the seeker is feeling fractured, limited and separate from the totality of experience.

What is really being sought when one is actually seeking spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, is the sense of being whole, complete, at one with the totality of existence.However, all the seeker knows is that there is a sense of dis-ease with the present moment and all it contains.

The urgency one attributes to spiritual awakening increases in direct proportion to their sense of dis-ease with the present moment. The greater the emotional need behind the desire to escape the circumstances of this present moment, the greater the sense of urgency will be.

Spiritual seeking ends when we make peace with what is, when the content of each present moment becomes more than enough to satisfy us and there is no longer any emotional need present to escape from it.

Those of us who find the idea appealing of attaining new levels of spiritual enlightenment do so because our physical experiences have led us to this desire. My advice for those who find themselves genuinely interested in expanding consciousness and reaching new levels of spiritual enlightenment is to focus upon achieving present moment awareness. All access we have to higher levels of consciousness is through the present moment. This is where All power lies. When we make peace with all that the present moment contains, we reach a level of consciousness where we are able to transcend our present reality and all its conditions. Making peace with the moment at hand means accepting that everything it entails is the perfect reflection of our own energetic vibration. It means loving and accepting the perfection of what our current reality presents before us. It’s a tall order perhaps, but definitely one that can be incrementally achieved if we are so desiring.

When we relax into the totality of our being, complete with our perceived failings and shortcomings and accept and love them all as part of parcel of our earthly experience, we do so much more for our level of spiritual enlightenment than any amount of pushing, urging or forcing could ever achieve. Oneness consciousness is only achieved through reaching for greater levels of love and acceptance. This love and acceptance begins on the personal level. Just as we must learn to walk before we can run, as parts of the whole, we must first learn to love and accept ourselves before we can embrace and love the “All.”

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