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assessing spiritual resonance in a channeled message

 I recently stumbled upon  spiritual channeling performed by a woman who claims to be an awakened life coach, channeling the spirit of Compte De St. Germaine. The post that initially drew me in was the channeled message from St. Germaine describing how we may want to prepare ourselves for the very imminent dire future circumstances that are certainly awaiting us in the very near future.

My radar immediately went up. I admittedly hold a strong bias regarding supposed channeled messages that impart negativity. In my experience, loving, pure, expanded spirit simply does not concern itself with or relay anything that does not resonate with loving energy of a completely positive nature. True, pure, spiritual channeling always imparts information of the highest nature. This is what is meant by spiritual resonance. We can determine spiritual resonance by asking ourselves, how does this message make me feel deep within?

spiritual channeling of historical figures

I’m also personally a bit skeptical of those who claim to be channeling spiritual messages of well known historical figures. I may very well be wrong, but the need to define spirit based messages in such a way seems a bit suspect to me. Real  Channeling does not need to emanate from a figure or being that is well known or associated with a particular religion.

Biases aside, this particular message seemed like a contradiction. Prior  channeling and specific channeled messages on this woman's  blog seem to indicate “St. Germaine” as being a proponent of man’s ability to manifest his own reality. To quote, “Ponder this: man creates his own reality with his mind. Put yours to good use.” This juxtaposed profoundly with a subsequent post that asserted we should all expect and begin preparing for the general collapse of the world as we currently know it.

Interestingly enough, this was posted several years ago, and the supposed date of this collapse has long ago passed. The channel in question dismissed questions regarding this discrepancy with yet more spin. Despite that, her the majority of her following seemed to continue.

the channeled message - is there spiritual resonance?

The interesting thing about spiritual channeling (other than the fact that we’re all very capable of doing it!) is that this information must pass through our own physical/mind filter. This is a process that can greatly distort.  Channeling spiritual messages accurately means being a clear channel.

Also, simply because an entity resides in spirit, does not necessarily mean that they can see all and hold all answers. I’ve conversed with and channeled spiritual messages from some very honest spirit beings who have told me they do not in fact know all, simply because they’ve passed from the physical realm.

.Part of what makes this physical experience such a wonderful one is the fact that we all hold different viewpoints and differing belief systems. It makes things so much more interesting! When we’re presented with differing opinions and beliefs it causes us to reflect within and often to delve deeper. The question of spiritual resonance, asking ourselves does this channeled message uplift or attempt to tear down, should always remain at the forefront when encountering spiritual channeling.


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