Spiritual Ego

by Mike

The ego will always become more and more subtle with its games. Spiritual ego is no different.

Self enquiry to try and find it won't help. Even with awareness in the present, our spiritual ego will attempt to play out in a way that looks like we've transcended. Underneath a few layers, our ego is saying "I'm doing really well getting rid of myself" which is spiritual ego!

The spiritual quest is all about ego. It's about becoming more special. Or even by becoming 'ordinary' so we can pretend humility. It's all ego games.

The best way to drop the spiritual ego is to drop spirituality. Stop wanting to be better than you are now.

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Mar 05, 2015
Re: Ego Games
by: Faye

Yes, ego could be said to be insidious in that regard, and so long as human life IS, some degree of ego will undoubtedly remain.

Conscious awareness of the ways of ego, certainly won't wipe it out, but it surely helps to keep it from running amok and taking over.

The body/mind has a natural propensity towards betterment, ease, well-being. I liken this to the manner in which a plant has a built in mechanism that causes it to seek out and move towards the light. Once its' seen that our human inclination towards improvement is of a similar nature, it's seen that There's no point fighting against that natural inclination.

When you say "the best way to drop the spiritual ego is to drop spirituality. Stop wanting to be better than you are now," that too is a prescription based upon a sense of what would be 'better' or 'best.' It's never ending really.

In the end, if peace and freedom are valued, I'd say it's 'best' to simply make peace with those egoic aspects of self that gravitate towards "more, better, improved, deeper, larger, etc."

Again though, easier said than done, when that ego rises up to say, "It's wrong to want to be special, or better, or more at peace."

That 'making peace' with what is, hinges upon 'being conscious,' and while there are a myriad of practices that can seem to augment that happening, 'being conscious' on an abiding basis happens when it happens. :)

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