Spiritual Enlightenment - What's the Goal?

Why strive for spiritual enlightenment? What is the goal of those who seek spiritual awareness, awakening,  and enlightenment  with a fervor that often encompasses the entirety of their  experience?

seeking spiritual enlightenment

Some are pursuing and seeking for  spiritual awakening as though it were something to add to their  roster of personal accomplishment. It’s really important if you find yourself seeking enlightenment, to stop, get very quiet,  and ask yourself, "why am I doing this. Why, in fact do I seek and strive to be enlightened?"

spiritual enlightenment from another angle

A quote from abraham hicks - law of attraction teachings

The following Abraham-Hicks, Quote speaks to these questions beautifully;

"The reason you want every single thing that you want, is because you think you will feel really good when you get there. But, if you don't feel really good on your way to there, you can't get there. You have to be satisfied with what-is while you're reaching for more." --- Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Boston, MA on Saturday, October 5th, 2002 #704

With that in mind, all seeking is for one purpose and one purpose only; To feel better, to be happy, to ease and ultimately to transcend suffering.

The spiritual aspirant in  seeking enlightenment is simply attempting to garner himself a better experience. Thus, seeking  spiritual awakening, is no different from one who seeks anything else, and that includes material wealth and all other improvements of form.

From the position of actively seeking, the absence of suffering can only be imagined, and thus, that which is being sought, is not the actuality. Like material wealth or any improvement in form that is being sought after,  enlightenment is just an idea in mind that is beckoning one forward, with promise of  experiencing something different from what is currently being experienced.

To realize the nature of all seeking, is to become free of that need based pull forward, to be and experience something different than what is happening right here, right now, in this present moment of being.

To live in spiritual enlightenment is really just to live free of emotional need,  in peace with the entirety of this present moment, in  understanding that need based seeking demonstrates a fundamental  fight with what currently is.

That said, acceptance/allowance of the entirely of the present moment does not mean the end of all desire. It does mean though,  that the desires that do arise will be more of the preference variety. They will be absent the underlying need that is foundational to all seeking, spiritual or otherwise. 

There is a world of difference between a preference for a new car and a need for a new car, just as there is a world of difference between a preference for an experience absent anger, sorrow, or fear and a need for an experience absent "negative emotion."

A preference for expansion, well-being and betterment is built into the human organism. An emotional need for this expansion is just an overlay that gets added on to the preference through belief/attachment to an idea about what is needed and necessary for Peace to prevail.

Just as a flower has an inherent, natural, emotionally need free,  built-in tendency to turn towards the sun for nourishment, the human organism also gravitates towards goodness, betterment, expansion and growth. Law of attraction is at the helm of this natural movement. Emotional need gets tacked on through abiding in mind.

Many spiritual teachings that speak about spiritual enlightenment, negatively  judge this innate gravitation towards betterment and expansion,  and attempt to even do away with it. All such  attempts are folly.

Far better to see this natural tendency to gravitate towards expansion for what it is, and to work with it rather than against it. In doing so, we harness the ever present law of attraction to make the best of our naturally arising desire, thus manifesting our preferences regarding experience, with ease.When one lives in knowing and expectation that all desires manifest easily, emotional need has no foundation from which to arise from.

Why am I seeking spiritual enlightenment?

To come back full circle to the question of what is really being sought after in the quest for spiritual enlightenment, the importance of seeing that what we're really after is "betterment of experience," is of extreme importance.

So many spiritual aspirants who are seeking spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, have convinced themselves that there is something far more important and spiritually integral to their seeking than a mere, lowly desire to feel good. Many spiritual seekers, seeking spiritual enlightenment believe that what they seek is "Truth," and have completely blinded themselves to the fact that their need to attain Truth, has the very same basis of desire underlying it as does any seeking for something that is currently evading experience. 

Once it is clearly seen that the goal of all spiritual seeking (even seeking spiritual enlightenment)  is betterment of experience, or in short, to feel better, suffer less, experience greater joy in living and that the quest for "Spiritual Truth" is really just the quest for a means to that sense of betterment, we can begin to see that the only thing standing in the way of the joy we seek, is the belief that it lies outside of this present moment.


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