Spiritual Enlightenment - The Quest For Absolute Truth - Does it Exist and Can We Recognize It With Certainty?

Absolute Truth. Spiritual Enlightenment. The Crowning Glory of the spiritual journey and in the eyes of many , the hallmark of having successfully realized our spiritual potential. As humans we are seekers. We are curious beings and perhaps the greatest curiosity of all centers around the questions; Who or what am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? It could be said that deep within the psyche of all humans lies a philosopher.

Spiritual enlightenment and truth

Expanding consciousness and pursuing the path towards spiritual enlightenment, is generally associated with coming to new and expanded perspectives regarding life and self and of accessing and realizing universal or absolute truth. For many, spiritual enlightenment is the equivalent of ‘seeing things as they REALLY are.’ A belief in absolute truth hinges upon the idea that universal truth exists and that we as humans are capable of accessing it and knowing with certainty when we have done so.

Is it really possible for us to know with absolute certainty that we have indeed bumped up against a spiritual, universal, absolute truth? How would we know for sure if we’ve actually accessed absolute truth or that we've reached a specific destination or state of being where we can declare, "I have reached spiritual enlightenment?" CAN we REALLY ever know for sure?

absolute truth; just another belief?

If the act of believing something and emitting a resonant vibration with it, causes that something to manifest in our reality, (which I very much believe it does) then everything that we come to experience in physical life will be the result of the beliefs that we hold and the vibration we emit. Belief itself creates. Resonant energy creates. Our reality and all that manifests within it then, is a result of our beliefs and our personal vibration. This includes all experiences of accessing and knowing, ‘truth.’ That which feels like the truth, will be our creation of our own personal version of absolute truth.

How then, could we ever really know for sure if we’ve accessed a spiritual absolute truth and reached a state of spiritual enlightenment, or whether we’ve simply aligned ourselves with information and ideas that resonate with our personal vibration and belief system? Ideas that resonate with us will feel ‘good. They will feel ‘true.’ In fact, the more an idea resonates with the personal vibration we are emanating, the more ‘true’ it will feel. Even a feeling that I have reached spiritual enlightenment, hinges upon a belief that such a state exists and that I am currently experiencing it.

This recognition has caused me to arrive at the conclusion that, while absolute truth may exist, from our physically based, human perspective, we can never know with any real level of certainty that we’ve actually accessed it.

With this in mind, one of the highest realizations we can come to is; I know nothing for certain, but I can follow the feelings of resonance to arrive at my own personal, subjective truths. If an actual state of spiritual enlightenment actually exists, then perhaps an acceptance of the limitation of the human mind and an admittance that I do not have all the answers, might be part of it.

This brings to mind a conversation I recently engaged in on a spiritual forum. Well, in all honesty it was more of a spiritual debate than anything. Those of you who know me personally will likely be chuckling to yourselves and thinking, “of course it was.”

I’m absolutely passionate about debate and when it includes the subject of spirituality and even more specifically, includes a debate opponent who passionately and egoically declares himself to have reached the state of full spiritual enlightenment and is thus, bourgeoning with the confidence of possessing absolute truth, my passion turns to bliss.

The self-professed spiritually enlightened fellow I engaged with asserted his opinions with the full confidence of one who ‘knows’ he is right. He explained how from his position of spiritual enlightenment how he desired to help others to become liberated from their suffering. “There’s so much suffering going on in this world,” he declared, “and that dirty, rotten, disease of ego is at the root of all of it. We must annihilate the ego and come to see that ‘self’ does not exist, if we are to become free. There is no other way to become free from suffering.”

His assertions about the fact that he himself had completely eliminated his ego fell a tad flat when I attempted to explain to him that annihilation of the ego in my experience, was not necessary if it’s freedom from suffering we’re after. I told him that I saw ego as something to be embraced, accepted and that through such acceptance, the ego became transparent, affording us the perspective of the silent witness. To activate the observer within, I explained, allows us to choose our level of attachment to the issue at hand.

His response might have been shocking being that it was coming from a self professed spiritually enlightened person, except I’ve experienced a near identical response on several occasions from others similar to him.

“I am speaking the TRUTH. All you are doing here is trying to protect your ego. The ego is conniving, it will go to great lengths to preserve itself. You are delusional. Why won’t you open up your mind to see the truth that I speak of?” He then went on to berate and belittle my views on life after death, life after death communication and spirituality in general.

Several others participating on the forum attempted to get this guy to see just how closed minded and full of ego he was, which only caused him to become further entrenched in his perspective and to demonstrate yet more lower ego and anger.

I’ve engaged in enough of these exchanges to come to realize that a declaration of; “I am enlightened, and I’m going to help all you suffering people by teaching how you too can enjoy this wonderful state of being,” is a sure sign that the person I’m engaging with is likely not even close to spiritual enlightenment let alone experiencing one of the higher levels of consciousness. If someone is declaring themselves as being spiritually enlightened, the best way to assess their claim is to poke a bit at their lower ego. If its there, it will become activated and it usually won’t take long.

Personally, I’m not so sure that any definite state of being called ‘spiritual enlightenment’ actually exists. How could we ever measure or quantify such a thing as level of  consciousness or personal experience of reality to delineate a specific point of arrival?

A loose continuum of levels of consciousness, on the other hand, do seem to come into play and there exists a certain amount of qualification and quantification we can apply to get an idea about a particular level. An adamant need to defend my personal perception of absolute truth and to have others accept it, is in my opinion not a hallmark of the more expanded levels of consciousness.

If I believe I’ve accessed an absolute truth and hold a belief that I have reached a certain level of spiritual enlightenment, and this knowing seems to have greatly enhanced my experience of day to day life, then it’s understandable that I may want to share this with others in hopes of ‘helping them.’ However, I’ve also come to see that I must take responsibility for my perceptions of ‘others’ as NEEDING my help. When we look through the eyes of ‘self’ to perceive the others within our reality and we see that they are not of the same state of consciousness we ourselves are at, we are applying our own judgments to them.

Try as we might, we can never truly get inside the mind or space of another to accurately decipher what they are experiencing or for that matter, even whether or not their version of spiritual enlightenment is the same or different than ours. Judgment always comes into play when we attempt to do so. To a large extent then, a certain amount of judgment is unavoidable when interacting with others, however, to deny responsibility for my personal judgments about them is to deny the power of personal perception itself.

Is it possible to access ultimate truth or a final state of being called spiritual enlightenment from my position as a physically based human being? Can we bypass the parameters of ‘being physical’ to access that which lies beyond? I do know we can try. And I know from personal experience that we can find compelling evidence in the form of personal resonance that we have done so. However, I also know that a belief that says, “I have found the absolute truth,” is just that, a belief. It may or may not be true. So long as I am a physical being and perhaps even after, that will just have to be “good enough.”

In a reality whose creation hinges upon my thoughts, beliefs and vibration, that which appears as truth will always contain the essence of my unique person-hood. I cannot reach beyond that which I am. In terms of my personal experience, ‘I am’ is everything and there is nothing that can appear to me that is not of me.

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