Spiritual Growth Chart

levels of spiritual growth

Why a spiritual growth chart?

 On my site I regularly reference the term expanding consciousness, and within that, sometimes refer to various junctures or levels of consciousness that are encountered along the path towards spiritual awakening and  self actualization.

My Spiritual Growth Chart Explained:

I have divided this spiritual growth chart into specific self contained levels, however, it is more than likely that at times there is going to be some overlap, and one level may bleed into another level, both upwards and downwards. When it comes to spiritual growth and the path that leads us there, nothing is cut and dried. Thus, regard this spiritual growth chart more of a pointer or general indicator,  than a means of concretely defining where you or another might be regarding levels of consciousness.

Level One - Asleep At The Wheel

spiritual growth chart level one

AT this level, you are engaging with life mostly unconsciously. There is little in the way of awareness of your underlying thoughts and ideas that motivate you to behave in the ways that you do. Knee-jerk reactions of anger, sadness, or fear are common, and there is little in the way of seeing any kind of link between thoughts and those subsequent arising emotions. Jealousy of others, and perception of them being a threat to your desires,  arises easily, and there is an urgency towards protecting and enhancing me and mine, in relation to you and yours. IN short at this stage on the spiritual growth chart, ego rules. There is very little in the way of intuition or even interest in the spiritual. If there is interest in this area, it is purely egoic, all about coming out on top in relation to others below.  

Level Two - One Eye Cracked Open

expanding consciousness level two

Conscious awareness is just beginning to break through, but this only happens sporadically. Ego is still prominently at the helm, but once in a while, that is noticed, mostly in others though. The impetus to inquire within has not been activated yet.  At level two on the spiritual growth chart, you are just beginning to get the merest glimmer that life could be different, and along with that, you get glimpses that tell you your thoughts and beliefs just might be at the root of your difficulties.

Life at level two is still  fraught with difficulty, but less so than at level one. Level two is the beginning stage of spiritual awakening.

Level Three - Blinking Rapidly

spiritual awakening

AT level three, the witness is activated. You are able at times to stand apart from thoughts, to look at and even inquire into them. You are beginning to clearly see the relationship between thoughts and feelings and to see the role that law of attraction plays in the creation of that which arises in experience. Ego still plays its part, but more and more you are seeing it, particularly when it arises in others, but also now, in self. Much of your spiritual growth at this juncture hinges upon learning through observing others and then making connections regarding your own structures and patterns of mind. At level three you are still very much experiencing a sense of being apart from the things and circumstances that appear to you. At this level of the spiritual growth chart, the impetus to inquire within has arisen, and is  gaining momentum.

Level Four - Both Eyes Open, But Still Nodding Off At Times

At level four on the spiritual growth chart, you are really gaining some traction in terms of spiritual awakening and self actualization. The urge to inquire within is fully activated.  Life still seems problematic at times, but you are getting better at standing back and looking without ego getting in the way. You spend more time witnessing and find yourself attending to the present moment at hand.  While there is still a sense of being separate/apart from the things and circumstances that appear to you, you do have moments where this sense of separation or division disappears and you experience a sense of atonement with the totality of experience. Emotions of a petty nature such as jealousy, or anger over unintended slights, rarely arise, and more and more you are feeling an abiding sense of ease and peace, even in the face of circumstances you may deem to be somewhat problematic. At this juncture, you are rarely not consciously aware of what mind is doing, and if/when negative emotions arise, you are well aware of the thought processes that gave rise to them.

Level Five - Wide Awake And Lucid

You are awake. Regardless of what is happening in your life, you remain consciously aware. Peace abides regardless of the circumstances that arise and a sense of atonement with the totality of existence pervades your experience. You clearly see and understand the relationship between perception,  thought and manifestation and  a deep acceptance underscores it all.  

While likes and dislikes still continue, noting is resisted, as all that appears is understood to be “perfect” in the sense that if it is arising in this  moment, in this present  moment of isness,   it could be no other way.

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