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My memory of some of my earliest experiences as a child,  suggest that spiritual growth is inherent in the living of physical life itself. I recall a  fascination with the facets of the universe that defied explanation. When the adults in my midst could not adequately answer my questions regarding how far upward the sky reached or whether or not there was an end to the distance that outer space extended, the seeds of my convictions about the malleable nature of reality, became planted.

In my mind, this proved that the world was indeed a far more magical place than most believed. I came to know through experience that physical existence involved so much more than what we could experience through our five senses.

As a five year old, I'd sit through the Sunday Catholic mass absolutely perplexed over the fact that so many people would accept such narrow, negative, judgmental teachings as their personal truth to live by. Even at that young age, I realized that God and our universe as a whole intended for us a life of far more love and joy than my teachers at that time would have had me believe. As such, I view my early attempted indoctrination into  organized religion as being an important catalyst to my exploration.

Most children it seems, do have an understanding that life is supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, so many of us seem to lose sight of this inner knowing through the process of growing up surrounded by those who have forgotten their own divinity.

During my mid-twenties, I experienced an increased infusion of psychic abilities that had initially presented themselves at an early age. I also developed an intensified thirst for new age spirituality, and  metaphysical knowledge and I opened up to finding  new definitions of spiritual growth.

I began to actually follow the spiritual wisdom and guidance I was receiving and quickly found my life transforming as a result.  Spiritual growth and expanded consciousness were the result. In following the voice of spirit, I've enjoyed an exciting, varied and lively life complete with many interesting career forays. I began working with mentally challenged adults, then moved into a singing career, worked as a free-lance artist, selling sculptures to small galleries and gift shops and also spent over ten years as a an intuitive reader.

My latest and new-found passion is writing. In 2008, I finished writing my first book, "Poppies From Heaven..... and Other Signs From the Hereafter." It is a personal story detailing the afterlife communication I received and continue to receive from my brother following his death in 2005. It was published by O-Books in late January, 2011 and is available for purchase through amazon.com by clicking on the link on this page.

Spiritual Growth Through Sharing

Through the process of sharing my own personal experiences related to New Age spirituality and self actualization, through the articles on this site, I hope to help support others to come to their own brand of clarity and to find their own individuated path. 

I know that in doing so, I am helping myself to live moment to moment in this remembrance. It's become so very clear to me that coming into clarity to arrive at  spiritual epiphanies and revelations is one thing, but actually putting them into practice and living them on a moment to moment, day to day basis, is  another.

There is nothing quite like sharing insights about spiritual growth with others for the purpose of embodying them, and  incorporating them into our daily life. In this regard, it would appear that the sharing of spirituality and all that is recognized through expanding consciousness, is very close to experiencing it.

Life after Death is a subject that I'm passionate about. Along the journey towards self actualization and spiritual wellness, through evolving spiritually , we come to see the eternal nature of life.  My own experiences communicating with the deceased has provided me with personal proof of the reality of life after death as well as knowledge about how the law of attraction ties in to our ability to communicate with our deceased loved ones. When we come to know that life after death is a reality, physical life changes.

While many of my articles on this site are about life after death, the afterlife and after death communication, I also write about living the law of attraction,  as it is a vital element behind expanding consciousness and spiritual growth. The law of attraction is responsible for the personal 'truths' and spiritual epiphanies we will arrive at at any given time. Thus, coming to understand  the law of attraction is an integral part of self actualization. 

When we hold a desire for spiritual growth and we accept ourselves exactly where we stand, the law of attraction brings us our manifest desires, effortlessly and efficiently.

Acceptance is the path of least resistance regarding anything we are seeking, and that includes, spiritual growth.

May we all come to know ourselves as the eternal beings of light that we are, and may we learn to live this knowledge moment-to-moment.

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