Spiritual Healing Methods


There are a many spiritual healing methods and modalites, but they all have one thing in common, and that is, the one enacting the healing is acting as a channel for  the patient who is  receive the healing energy.

What Does It Mean To Be A Channel For Spiritual Healing?

A Spiritual Channel acts a conduit between the patient and spirit/Source.  It’s important to note that no one ever loses their connection with Source completely, but at times our conscious awareness of that connection or sense of unification, can become dim.

Regardless of the specific healing methods a particular spiritual healer may use, all of them simply act as a conduit of the energy that you yourself very much also have access to. A good spiritual healer is simply especially skilled at harnessing that energy and facilitating an opening within you, to receive the healing. The energy they harness is then passed on to you. If you are open, and receive it as intended, a healing takes place.

Spiritual healing is very much a joint venture, or co-creation between patient, healer and Source/God.

prayer for spiritual healing

Specific Spiritual healing Methods

Spiritual healing  can cover a wide range of processes and practices, ranging from a laying on of hands, also known as Reiki, to prayer, to elaborate ritualistic sessions. There are spiritual healing methods that are performed in person, where physical proximity is necessary, and there are those where the healer is able to perform healing from a distance.

Spiritual Healing Methods and The Cosmic Law of Attraction

At the core of all successful spiritual healing, lies the ever present, all powerful, Cosmic Law of Attraction. In order for the patient to receive a healing, he/she must become resonant with the energy of healing. A very skilled spiritual healer has the power to create a vibrational/energy shift within the patient, so they are therefore in the proper position to heal.

Again, it is important to remember that the healing is really about you and your relationship with Spirit, and the healer is only a channel or conduit for the energy that you yourself always have access to. For many though, hiring a healer is a way of circumventing the difficulties inherent in rising above the vibration of illness.

Self Spiritual Healing

spiritual self healing

When seeking spiritual healing methods, there really should be no judgment made regarding whether you seek a healer, or do it yourself. It’s all about what resonates. For those who choose the do it yourself route, it’s important to use spiritual healing methods that feel good when you think about them.

For some, good old fashioned prayer or meditation may be the path to healing they choose. For others, a more organized, regimented step by step ritual may be what speaks to them. Either way, whatever spiritual healing methods you choose, it is not the method or ritual itself that possesses the power to heal, but rather, it is the method’s ability to help you open to and align with the healing energies of Source that creates the healing.

A Spiritual Self Healing Exercise

spiritual healing exercise

Prepare by becoming very quiet, in a place you will not be disturbed. Begin by taking a series of deep breaths, really focusing upon inhaling and exhaling. When you begin to feel yourself relaxing, envision a beautiful green, glowing light surrounding you.

Envision this green light entering your body as you inhale and exiting your body as you exhale. Allow this green, surrounding light, to become larger, enveloping the entire room and beyond.

Focus upon your heart, see it encompassed in the green light and pulsing the light outwards with each beat. Know that which each beat of your heart, the health condition you are intending to heal is losing energy and the energy of healing, the energy of spirit,  is replacing it.

Observe as the green light pulsing from your heart, slowly turns to bright white. Allow this bright white light to pulsate out from your heart, to gradually turn the green aura of light surrounding you, and filling the room you sit in, from green to bright white. Allow yourself to bask in this light for as long as feels right.

When you come out of this meditation, affirm to yourself that healing energies have been received, and trust that healing will begin to happen on its own timeline. Try not to entertain any expectations about how long it will take.

Repeat this exercise whenever you feel the impetus arise.

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