Spiritual Honesty

spiritual honesty

Spiritual Honesty is the cornerstone of self actualization and spiritual wellness as a whole. 
Successful self realization and self actualization,  requires an unflinching and unwavering level of personal integrity. Deep  knowing, understanding  and trust of self and all its facets,  hinges upon an inquiry so deep and encompassing, that it leaves no stone unturned. Thus, spiritual honesty is really the equivalent of unabashed self honesty. This hinges upon  absolute integrity to all ideas and personal values.

The importance of Spiritual Honesty

It’s impossible to live life in a conscious manner, without spiritual honesty. The very act of lying to oneself, indicates an area of unconsciousness with respect that what is actually happening. No doubt about it, deep honesty requires courage, sincerity and a deep willingness to ferret out even those seemingly insignificant ways that you may be deceiving yourself, or making excuses for behaviors, thoughts or beliefs that you continue to engage in that fly in the face of what you say you value.

Spiritual Integrity means putting your money where your mouth is. It means walking your talk, even when doing so, means feeling a certain degree of discomfort. It means asking yourself, is this thought/idea/behavior coming from ego, or Love?

Spiritual honesty means the end of hypocrisy. Do you point the finger in condemnation at others, and then fail to hold yourself to the same criteria?Do you say you value love and kindness above all else, and then fail to behave in ways that reflect that? Do you say you understand what it means to love self, and yet fail to love and nurture yourself to the highest degree possible?

How Spiritually Honest Are You?

Spiritual honesty means being authentic. It means laying yourself bare.

Do you find yourself putting on airs, or behaving differently around different people, for the purpose of making a particular impression upon them? Or, do you allow responses to others to arise naturally, free from an intermediary who second guesses how the other will see you? To what degree does it matter to you what others think of you, or how they see you? Often when we still care deeply what others think in this regard, we behave in ways that betray self, thus, engaging in spiritual dishonesty.

To what degree do you engage in self contradiction? Do you find yourself saying one thing, but often doing the other? Are you sincerely interested in looking at the possibility of self –contradiction? For many, looking within for the purpose of assessing their own level of integrity is a process so emotionally daunting, that they avoid it like the plague. The sincere spiritual seeker, is not just willing to look deeply into the possibility of being inauthentic,  but they actually embrace it, as they see it as an opportunity for deeper clarity, deeper knowing of their divinity.  

Deep, encompassing self honestly requires a high degree of self trust, self confidence, self esteem and most importantly, self love. The absence of harsh self  judgment and recrimination is a necessity if one is truly going to cultivate the degree of sincerity and willingness necessary to delve deeply into his own spiritual authenticity or lack thereof.

Self confidence and self love are essential elements of personal integrity. If they are not present, the process will have the effect of self shaming, and thus it could be said that spiritual integrity must feel like a calling rather than a ‘should' or it ends up being counterproductive. 

Last but not least, another very important factor in practicing spiritual honesty, is spiritual maturity. Being spiritually mature means having the experience and level of spiritual growth, self actualization and spiritual wellness,  to know the difference between trying to be authentic and deeply honest, because  I think I should, and being spiritually honest as a natural out-flowing of understanding that who and what I am, is essentially, none other than God Godding.

 The majority of us know when we’re B.S.ing  ourselves. The question is, do you have the clarity to see that when it happens? Do you have the  courage to admit it when you are? Do you have the level of self love and personal integrity to want to  look deeply into the mechanisms that give rise to the impetus to deny what is really going on?

If not, self actualization will remain nothing more than an idea to aspire to. It is the absence of self honesty that keeps the spiritual seeker, seeking and keeps the unconscious from fully awakening.

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