The Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers

spiritual meaning of numbers on a clock

The spiritual meaning of numbers  is in general,  widely agreed upon  the world over. From the time man began to count, and conceive of numbers as representations,  numbers have long been associated with meaning, and even used to forecast future events.

If you look closely, you will see that our physical existence is quite literally made up of numbers, thus it’s no surprise that when it comes to spirituality, numbers figure in.

Through readers e mails, the questions  I receive  regarding the  meaning of numbers  usually arises in tandem with synchronicity; those uncanny, improbable  coincidences, that so defy the odds, that they leave you in deep knowing that something special is happening, and you’d  do well to pay attention. A common scenario is looking at a digital  clock, over and over,  at the precise instant that a particular time flashes.

The Spiritual Significance Of The Number 11

The number 11 holds special meaning for many, and is generally regarded to be an omen of sorts, holding deep spiritual meaning and significance for the one seeing it.

My brother died on 11/11/05. Months prior, my sister began seeing 11:11 when she looked at a clock. It was happening to the degree that she knew she was being given a message of some sort. To this day, she believes she was receiving a message from spirit, for the purpose of preparing her somewhat for the traumatic event, of losing our brother.  Her and I both now, regularly see 11:11, and we now regard it as a hello of sorts from our brother Murray.

It’s important to note though, that the number 11, seen over and over, in  a seemingly coincidental  manner such as this, is really more of a spiritual signal to pay attention, than anything else. It’s important not to jump to the conclusion that something bad or negative is about to happen, or that something valued  is about to be lost.

It is just as likely that ongoing  synchronicity involving the number 11, is forecasting something wonderful that is  about to manifest. In general, I regard the number 11 to be a very spiritual number, and seeing it often on clocks, or under other circumstances, is really an indication of intervention of spirit, than anything else. It’s a signal to pay attention to your connection with spirit, to acknowledge and open to the sense of being unlimited and at one with the universe.

If you find yourself noticing  the number 11 all over the place, in general, take is as a sign that you are opening spiritually, and that a profound shift of energy is occurring within and around you.

When folks inquire about the spiritual meaning of numbers, 11 is by far the one that comes up most often.  It’s important to note, in numerology, all double digit numbers are reduced to singular. Thus, 11, becomes 1. Therefore,  the number one has all the same properties of the number 11. That said, being that it is reduced, those properties are intensified.

Thus,  in terms of the spiritual meaning of numbers, the coincidental, repeated noticing of the number 1, or other  significant arising of this number,  should be regarded as a strong indicator of a very important  shift in seeing, being and experience that is about to occur, likely in a very short window of time.  Think of the number 1 as a signal of a brand new beginning, perhaps  a shift into enlightenment.

Numbers 3 and 7 are next in line in terms of interest in the spiritual meaning of numbers. Both are considered to be somewhat ‘magical’. If you are currently intent upon a desire you are hoping to manifest, these two numbers are very auspicious. Seeing these numbers on a regular basis can be taken as a signal that you are very much on track where your law of attraction manifestations are concerned.

Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers 1 through 9:

spiritual meaning of numbers

Number one:  new beginnings, openings, independence, self motivation, self love and a need to take charge, to follow the arising urges with action that leads to eventual fruition and manifestation of desire.

Number two: alignment, symmetry, and regarding life and circumstances as a mirror. What you put in, you get back. Indicates sensitivity and avoidance of conflict.

Number three:  creative energy, the presence of spiritual support and enhanced power.

Number four: solidity, dependability, responsibility and security.

Number five: Freedom and adventure.

Number Six: a nurturing vibration. A sign you are being cared for.

Number 7: Consider the big picture. Spiritual intervention is in play. The number of magic.

Number 8: Financial and spiritual freedom.

Number 9: Leadership, moving forward, humanitarian instincts. A resolve to an enduring problem or difficulty

How Do You Feel About The Number In Question?

lucky numbers

Undoubtedly, there is a general consensus regarding the spiritual meaning of numbers the world over, it is also very important to understand that the significance that you as an individual ascribe to numbers is far more important.

From the time you were a child, a particular number may have had a special significance for you, due to circumstances surrounding it. Perhaps the number 6 figured in somehow every time you won or achieved something you were striving for. You need not seek out guidance involving the spiritual meaning of numbers to conclude that number 6 is in fact your lucky number.

 My best advice for those seeking out the spiritual meaning of numbers, is to follow your heart and intuition. What is the significance of the particular number to you? How does it make you feel? What sense does it evoke within you? One of excitement, anticipation, or a sense of warning or dread?

When it comes to the spiritual meaning of numbers, ultimately, it comes down to you and your own feeling sense about it.

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