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Spiritual Growth Through Expanding Consciousness - Tools

Our Journey towards Spiritual Personal Growth and expanding consciousness can be enhanced through unique spiritual products. Anything that helps us to shift our perspective from one of contracted awareness to expanded awareness can be seen as a valid tool.

The spiritual products featured below are offered as tools to help fellow spiritual seekers to realize higher levels of expanded consciousness and spiritual personal  growth.

A Course In After Death Communication - Learn how To Talk to the Dead

Learn how to communicate with your deceased loved ones with my easy to follow, step by step, ritualistic ecourse.

To read more, click here; A Course In After Death Communication

Psychic Readings By Email

Two questions answered through email.

To read more about my psychic readings by email, click on the following link: Psychic readings by email

Magical Manifesting Technique

This Magical Manifesting Technique helps to manifest desires quickly and easily. This manifesting secret was initially revealed to me by spirit, while in the hypnagogic stage. It is a simple yet incredibly effective technique that utilizes the ever present, all powerful law of attraction to manifest desires in record time. This technique cuts through the many obstacles that often crop up when we attempt to manifest desires. I use it in my own life and have truly found it to be nothing short of magical.

To read more about this unique and effective manifesting technique click here: My manifesting Secret

Jewelry For Spiritual personal Growth 

Memorial Pendant - Prayer Box With Spiritual Crystals

Coping with the death of a loved one? Seeking after death communication? Looking for a unique way to memorialize a loved one? This stunning Memorial Pendant – Prayer Box With Spiritual Crystals is perfect.

Feel the presence of your deceased loved one next to your heart with this handcrafted, intuitively designed memorial pendant with spiritual crystals.

Wear this pendant as an abiding reminder that there is life after death and that your deceased loved one continues to remain a presence in your life.

Read more about the Memorial pendant with gold plated pewter prayer box and spiritual crystals by clicking on the following link: Memorial Pendant

Wish Pendant - Manifest Your Desires Quickly and Easily

Wear this beautiful, hand-crafted wish pendant to help manifest your desires effortlessly. An easy and enjoyable means of using the law of attraction to your full advantage.Use it to manifest love, money, success,  even to aid your journey towards the attainment of  spiritual personal growth.

The focal point of this wish pendant is a beautifully etched, silver plated, spherically shaped prayer box. It opens and closes with a magnetic hinge and is designed to hold a tiny piece of paper with your wish written upon it.

The ornately engraved wish box is attached by a lobster claw, to a black, 14” sueded cord and is surrounding by four genuine natural crystals chosen specifically for their synergistic ability to enhance and support manifestation of your desires; a pebble of Jade, a bead of howlite, a tiny quartz crystal point, a sliver of amethyst and a multi-faceted citrine teardrop adorn this intuitively designed manifestation tool. (The exact color and shape of crystals may vary ever so slightly from the wish pendant photo as the stones are natural, but I make every attempt possible to choose crystals that are as close as possible to the ones featured in the photo).

Click on this link to read more about the wish pendant or to order: Wish Pendant

Use this powerful law of attraction tool to help manifest your desires easily and without effort. Comes in three colors; Red for desires pertaining to Love, Blue for desires pertaining to wealth, health and material success, and purple for desires pertaining to spiritual transcendence and spiritual wellness. Read more about the Magical Mojo Bag.

Powerful Mind Machine

Meditation Relaxation

Read my review of The Kasina Mind Machine

Proof Of Life After Death - Book - Poppies From Heaven

Are you seeking proof of life after death? Are you interested in strengthening your belief in the afterlife? My book, Poppies From Heaven and Other Signs from the Hereafter details the many amazing and varied signs and after death communications I received from my brother following his unexpected death in 2005. This personal story offers hope to the grief stricken and proof of life after death for those seeking it. Everyone who has read my book has come away with a strengthened belief in an afterlife. All of the experiences described in my story are unique to the book and do not appear on this website.

To read endorsements for my book and a more detailed description of its content, click here.

Poppies From Heaven

To order my book, click on the link below.

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