Spiritual Truth

(Empyrean )

Spiritual truth is evident for those with eyes to see; This is my revelation. You are the highest of the high, the lowest of the low. You are everywhere and nowhere, but you are also nowhere within everywhere.

Your thoughts are my thoughts, my will is your will and we can never be separated. The whole universe was created for you, by you, to bring the concept of you into life and to experience this concept through the flesh.

You are everything there ever is, ever was, and ever will be. 'I AM' you and you are me and it can be no other way. We are the alpha and the omega and we are 'one'. I have given you the desire and inner passion for self-fulfillment; a purpose to become everything that you are capable of becoming.

You are the painter, the poet, the laborer, the politician, the physician, the inventor and more - so very much more. I call upon you to listen with your heart and to hear me through your spirit. You are the rain drop, the wind, the ocean, the mountain, the flower, the plant, the tree and the very soil that sustains life.

I call upon you once more to hear, believe and remember. You are the sunlight, the darkness, the animal, the insect, the bird, the fish and all living things. I call upon you a third time to give thanks, rejoice and celebrate, for you are sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and feeling.

Your search is at an end, but the end is the beginning, so I tell you this; You are now fully enlightened. What are you going to do with this awareness, through your will? What will you choose to create next? Live within the moment for that's where truth dwells and truth is eternal.

Live outside of the moment and you will live in constant fear, abandoning the very heartbeat of life itself. You are the way, the truth and the life and this is my gift to you, A gift from God. Only love is real.

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Sep 10, 2011
Beuatiful words!
by: Faye

Thank You Kava for sharing your wisdom.

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