Spirituality and Abortion

by Wendi
(Nampa, Boise, ID)

Yes, me again. I do apologize if I may be pestering you, but your site is so simply astounding and has helped me see the true meaning in life, and even death...if there even is such a thing!

So, last night, I found a huge discussion on the highly controversial topic of dreaded abortion, and how it's such a 'crime' to "take" a life. I cannot say I have a side on the issue. I'm stuck in the middle. I've been through several...tedious, tiresome debates, even leading me to tears. I then began to fear for my own safety, not so much of being killed, but raped, then getting an abortion, then to be quarantined within my house from the overwhelming grief and fear of being verbally, mentally, emotionally and perhaps even physically attacked by the extreme radicals of pro-life people.

So, I have embarked upon a grand quest to finally settle the issue that never seems to end, nor have any answer. Is it actually as bad as some poeople say it is? Are the babies happy to have their lives 'stolen' from them? Are they sad? Are they angry? Do they wish vengeance upon the mother or father? Do they feel sad for her if she gets made fun or bullied for having them aborted?

Today, just this morning while I was eating my breakfast, something occurred to me. I happened to be eating an egg at the time, so it was most accurate timing. I stopped and mused to myself the daunting and taunting question that seems to have naught an answer. I recalled someone I know very personally who has had two abortions. I do have a worry of a third. I fear for her emotional and mental well being, hoping she won't lose her mind if she ever does get tormented by some of the more crude, crass and even dangerous radical pro-lifers.

This time, I asked for something simple. Babies. That's all. Just...babies. It didn't have to be any particular species, not any given time, nor any certain definite place, or not in any amount or quantity. I just wanted babies. I made it clear though I wanted it to be a baby and that I would know when I saw it. I meditated on the idea for a while as well.

I suddenly heard in my head a small, almost watery like giggle, then...two. They sounded to be like very young babies...in water. Of course, the amniotic fluid! I took this as a sign they were working on the task. They were laughing. It seemed to be they were happy, or so, at that time.

My dad comes to tell me of a 'Bug Day' festival in town. I had temporarily forgotten of this coming due to the emotional distress i was under while desperately going through heaps of questions of abortion topics. So, I get ready. I'm not exactly in the mood to go, though I do love insects and those 'creepy crawly things'! I was too stuck in the rut of abortions...

We get there, and all of the sudden, an image of certain character off of my favorite show (who happens to be a crazy entomologist) pops through my mind, i hear her laughing, along with the two other watery like laughs. She holds in her hand some giant, shimmering, glowing green eggs, they hatch and out crawl forth mutant, slimy flesh and vein looking grub worms, the laughing of the two water like infants getting louder as
they crawled forth to me. I wasn't too frightened, but it was quite a shocker, I do love a good bout of positive startlization to get me going on things! I noted...they looked like little...embryos and fetus creatures! I took this as the first stage of their communication.

While I was there, I happened to stop by a bee exhibit. They told us to look for the queen, we could identify her by a green spot that had been painted on her thorax. A little girl found her. I was expecting a bright lime green, but this was more of a dark green...and shiny, like the eggs in my vision! In addition, it's the queen's job to lay eggs. I took it as a sign I was headed for more of a guessing game.

We then stopped by another bee exhibit, this time, on native bees. They had on display their larva...IN GREEN SHELLS! The mother bee wasn't looking too happy...another sign, I wonder, as to how a mother may feel about a situation like this, torn between keeping the home for the larva or moving on and having them taken out of her life. But, grubs! They indeed looked like little embryos! They were quite adorable. I even felt the urge to take one and cradle it like a human infant and even play 'peek a boo' with them. I knew i couldn't, not in public of all places! I held this as another sign, more so, the mother-baby connection this debate seems to spiral down, leaving the mother incapable of making her own decisions on the issue, her hive, her privacy being invaded by others against her will.

Looking over, I noticed a poster with a Sugar Glider on it. i then recall having a dream, just that last night of owning one, which I called Sugar Baby. Baby...made fair sense. Another sign to treasure!

Later we passed a meditation garden (I had a very deep thought of you and Murray at that moment!) there were many, now 'dead' insects and arachnids in containers...in the fetal position. Most insect fairs I've gone to don't have many of their specimens in the FETAL position! Another signal! The phsyical body is now dead.

Going back to our car to go home, I noticed there were a lot of bees flying around, and there were flowers that bees don't normally go to, and to add, there were tons of other more fragrent flowers in bloom. I notcied the bees, in large amounts were going after small flowers. I had a bit of a flashback to the larva...bee larva, now bees, pollonating...giving life and fertility! I took this as a sign they were all grown up in the next plane of life, happy and healthy. Something rang through my head: 'Indeed, there IS NO SUCH THING AS DEATH!'

I nearly screamed in delight. I proably would have if I hadn't been so tired from going a few hours without a decent meal.

I have about three to seven more specific signs I want them to send to me. Each one is going to be a bit tougher than the last, but not too tough. I feel the need to put an end to this debate, this argument, once and for all.

I shall continue to keep you updated on this issue. if you wish for me to stop, I will. i do understand this IS a very deep rooted issue for many, and most do not like to openly express their views.

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Aug 29, 2010
Not pestering at all!
by: Faye

Lol, I get the sense we share the same type of ever-active mind. I love your creativity and openness to spirit.

From the human rights angle I've never really understood how anyone could attempt to foist their personal beliefs regarding abortion onto anyone other than themselves. If a woman has a strong belief that says abortion is wrong, then she should likely avoid it for herself. However, it seems many would like to hold others hostage to their own personal belief systems even though these belief systems would violate the rights of another.

Pregnancy is an intensely personal issue and one that not only involves the inner workings of a woman's body, but one that also has the potential to affect her mind and her overall life in general. The very idea that anyone other than the woman in question should have a say in the matter sends me reeling.

On a spiritual level I really do believe that we choose our life circumstances before entering into the womb of our respective mother. I cannot imagine a soul entering into a woman's body to become a physical being and then being devastated as they were aborted. I believe we incarnate into the physical with much more knowing and deliberate intent than that. I often wonder if souls perhaps deliberately choose to enter into the womb simply for a brief experience of fetal life...? My inner guidance tells me that souls enter into the physical at different stages...there is no set rules to this.... no doubt, these are questions that we can only speculate about AND as you are so wisely doing...ask for spiritual guidance about.

It seems to me that Life and consciousness cannot be stopped if it is intent upon expressing itself. If one avenue for life ceases to exist, an intent soul will surely find another. Therefore, abortion in my opinion only has ramifications for those of us in the physical..and usually these ramifications are due to the beliefs of the woman having an abortion or those opposing her right to do so.

I wish all those putting so much energy into trying to stop women from exercising control over their bodily functions, would turn their attention towards the actual, fully developed children that have been born into this world. I find pro-lifers seem to spend great amounts of time defending unborn lives, yet once fully developed babies are born, they lose interest.

The message I receive from spirit regarding this issue;

When immersed in the physical realm you all take the issue of life and death far too seriously. Pay attention to the living of your own life and put energy into ensuring that there is congruence between your OWN personal beliefs and your OWN actions. As you cannot control the beliefs of another, you also cannot control the actions of another, particularly when their own body is involved.

Thanks Wendi - keep me posted on your progress!

Love and Light,

Aug 29, 2010
by: Wendi

That is very true indeed. You make a very good point in this statement. Those aborted are not gone forever, yet so many people seem to say they are, when it is only a claim.

If the soul and spirit are willing to become physical, fully functional born beings, they shall find a new body, a new shell, a new home. Who is to say they will even choose another human body? Perhaps they would reincarnate into a bird or a mouse? Seems with the vast arguments I've fought with people, they always try to say it's wrong...period! Even if the mother cannot take care of the child, and it dies anyway. No real say in that situation, as you say. Once the child is born, they leave it alone.

Your statement is also plausible in the sense of the soul and spirit only wishing to live in the fetal/embreonic state. To add, what if the spirit knows the future circumstances wouldn't be good for the mother, father or the body it inhabits, and thus, psychologically, telepathically tells the mother "I shouldn't born in this body." and gives her the idea of abortion. That also could be possible.

Honestly, I was a bit worried of what your response would be on this issue!

Holding hostage...great analysis! Why should one's own belief take away the right of another woman's right to make a decision...if it even is her complete decision?

Aug 30, 2010
More signs from the babes!
by: Wendi

As you can guess by the title, I had another requested sign from the two aborted babies. The very night I posted my other comment, I requested they would send me two eggs, not through any specific medium, nor any type, but I made it clear I wanted two eggs, somehow seperated from any others.

So, while watching "Last Day Of The Dinosaurs" there was a Brontosaurus getting ready to lay her eggs. I got a sudden surge of tingles running through my body and a feeling of wonder over came me. She lays one egg...then another. She layed about five in total, but I notied they showed her actively laying two eggs. As soon as i felt those tell-tae signs, I knew that was there signal to me.

They added in another plesant surprise, as they showed the baby dinosaur inside of the egg developing. I gasped and smiled to the sky (well, ceiling in this case...) for they seem to be quite sneaky with putting in additional positive surprises to further amplify and confirm their deep empathy and entwinging their love with my emotional turmoil on the issue. I get the impression they are informing me they, along with the other aborted babies do, indeed experience joy, peace and love in the after stages of life.

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