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Spirituality information runs a wide gamut. In this internet age, we are both blessed and to some degree saddled with a virtually unending supply of information related to spirituality that in any given moment  is as close as our fingertips.  

The positives inherent in this quick and easy access, are too numerous to list. Obviously there is far greater exposure to not only a vast array of spirituality information of any genre you can imagine, but also differing opinions and viewpoints regarding those specific spirituality genres.

 Interested in non duality, new age spirituality or law of attraction? You can likely find hundreds of articles and  ten  divergent takes on each, through just a few google searches. No longer do specific spiritual philosophies and resultant teachings remain relatively unchallenged and thus, relatively  pure and unchanging, now they are constantly being added to, subtracted from and in some cases, divided by each other, and then   re-invented by the myriad of interested voices and minds intently focused  upon them.

The drawbacks of this plethora of spirituality information at your fingertips is often in knowing what to take on board, and what to leave behind or discard. It’s quite easy when perusing spirituality information to quickly reach a place of spiritual information overload.

What Spirituality Information Should You Take on Board And What Should You Leave?

Choosing what spiritual information to take on board, involves tuning into your intuition, your gut sense of knowing and inner recognition.  When assessing spiritual information for resonance and validity, intuition should be trusted over intellect every time. While intellect surely has its place to some degree,  when it comes to assimilating information of a spiritual nature, your intuition will serve you far better than your powers of intellectual reasoning ever could.

I received the following email from a reader;

“I stumbled across the teachings of Abraham a few years ago, and absolutely fell in love with them. I find the message inherent in these law of attraction teachings to be incredibly positive an uplifting. If I’m having a down day, all I need to do to change that, is to read a few passages of these teachings or watch one of their many videos online. It’s like an instant mood lifter. It feels as though the words of Abraham are reminding me of something I already knew, but had just temporarily forgotten.

I have a friend who is heavily into non duality. She tells me that true awakening means turning away from those spiritual teachings that merely make you feel good, and delving deeply into those that represent the “truth”.  It seems to me that the good feelings I feel, the sense of recognition or of remembering something that I already knew is my indication of encountering truth. But my friend’s strong  insistence has confused me somewhat. Can you help me to clear this up please? I’d love to hear your opinion.”

Bethany L.  

Bethany is not alone in her ability to be swayed to some degree by the voices and opinions surrounding her. But she was seeing very clearly indeed in her surmising that her good feelings and sense of remembering something already previously known, was her indication of resonance with the spiritual teachings in question, and thus, that she had encountered a spiritual teacher that was perfect for her and where she currently resides along the pathless path towards enlightenment and self actualization.

The Importance of Intuition and Resonance


How will you  know what spirituality information to trust in?

Knowing what and who  to trust and what to leave behind when it comes to assessing spirituality information and spiritual teachers,  involves tuning into your gut or intuition, but most importantly your heart. Listen with your heart, and then use your gut and intellect to choose from there. Spiritual teachings and ideas that are worthy of your attention will resonate within you as a sense of deep knowing, as a sense of finding your comfort zone, discovering your particular groove along the path, or even of arriving ‘home.’

This resonance is really your signal from spirit to perk up and listen, to pay attention because you are on the right path, one that has the potential to lead you to spiritual awakening, to  self actualization and the freedom that you seek.

In short, resonance with a particular brand of  spiritual information, means engaging with it will feel  good. When you encounter any kind of spirituality information or teaching that leaves you feeling a sense of emptiness, or fear or if it leaves you feeling deadened or depressed, move on. That is your indicator that this particular spirituality information is not for you at this time. If instead, a particular spiritual teachings or idea causes you to feel a sense of joy and/or recognition, or leaves you with any kind of a sense  of your divinity rising up in you, search no further. For the time being anyway, until that impetus to seek further arises within you again, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

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