Synchronicity - The Art of Coincidence, Choice, And Unlocking Your Mind, By Dr. Kirby Surprise

In his newly released book, Dr. Kirby Surprise delves into the mystery of synchronicity; those uncanny, often meaningful coincidences that defy logical explanation and the laws of probability. Most of us have experienced these mysterious coincidences to some degree at some point in our lives.

Dr. Surprise (Yes, his real name!) takes us deep down the rabbit hole to examine the mechanism behind synchronistic experience. He then leads us back out again, where he fully acknowledges that when it comes to deciphering with certainty, precisely what is behind the experience of synchronicity, the best any of us can do is speculate.

This said, Dr. Surprise does a wonderful job of melding science with speculation. His own opinions about profound coincidence  are in part built upon a deep focus and personal observation of his own rather profound experiences involving uncanny coincidence. One of the many strengths of this book in my opinion, is the fact that Dr. Surprise peppers his scientifically based analysis generously with personal accounts of  from his own life.

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Understanding Synchronicity

While Dr. Surprise writes with the authority of one who has scientific knowledge of the inner workings and mechanisms of the human mind and brain, he also remains refreshingly open minded and flexible in arriving at his conclusions. He writes with candor, humor and hubris.

Dr. Surprise describes how the very act of writing a book about synchronicity triggered an avalanche of meaningful coincidences for him.

Indeed, one of the most astounding things about this phenomena,  that Dr. Surprise expounds upon, is the fact that we often experience  synchronisitic event,  merely by focusing upon the idea of it.

I believe that in this observation, Dr. Surprise has indeed revealed the very important role that thought and mind play in terms of all experience and how all of reality really does seem to be a mirror of mind which suggest that there is indeed a basis for a belief in the law of attraction.

Clearly, if we begin to experience synchronistic events merely by contemplating the idea of them, then our thoughts must influence not only the content of our experience, but also ‘how’ that content unfolds and the way in which it appears to us.

My own life has been riddled by profound synchronicity. As I’ve grown more and more comfortable with the idea,  it has become quite commonplace.

It no longer fazes me that my three closest girlfriends are all named “Marnie,” or that I regularly think of someone only to run into them hours later or that since my brother passed on Remembrance Day 2005, I’ve continue to find poppies in the unlikeliest of places as well as experience a myriad of unlikely events that relate to him.

Dr. Surprise clearly explains and demonstrates how any synchronicity in and of itself holds no set or particular meaning, but rather we give it ‘personal’ meaning, through our values, beliefs, expectations and in general, through attention to the story of ‘self’ that we tell. Our interpretations of synchronicity are a compilation of our past and present ‘story’, and these interpretations themselves will often contribute to an increase in similar synchronicity.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in deeply exploring the mysterious experience of meaningful coincidence.  While many other books on this topic merely scrape the surface in terms of attempting to explain this phenomena, Dr. Surprise examines the experience of profound and meaningful coincidence from all angles and although he never once uses the now tired and overused term ‘law of attraction’ he clearly and concisely explains the causal relationship between mind and reality.

Dr. Surprise uses his knowledge of brain science and psychology to lay a solid foundation for all of his opinions and in my estimation, he does a wonderful job of deeply examining the apparent causal link between thought and coincidence. He sheds new light on the way in which we come to assign meaning or value to synchronicity or anything appearing in our reality for that matter, and he provides great food for thought regarding the overall implications of the existence of a causal link between mind and reality.

Dr. Surprise even includes a chapter near the end of his book describing various exercises and games intended to increase or create synchronicity for his readers. What better way to demonstrate all he’s been saying about synchronicity than to have his readers experience first hand the causal link between mind and reality?

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