Yesterday was a day rife with  synchronicity. Right before supper, my son came bounding into the house and presented me with a dirty, wet Remembrance Day lapel poppy that he had found in the alley. Our family has come to regard the discovery of a poppy as a sign from my dearly departed brother, Murray. He died on the morning of Remembrance Day and ever since, amongst the other signs that he sends, we've experienced the synchronicity of finding poppies in the strangest of places.

Deciphering the message in synchronicity

I had been thinking about my brother mere hours beforehand. I gratefully took the dirty poppy from my son's hand, fully acknowledging it as a "hello" from my brother.

I woke up this morning to the usual flurry of activity of preparing the kids for school. My son alerted me to the fact that his dresser drawer seemed to be broken. Upon inspection I saw that the bottom of his top drawer had slipped out of its groove and was hanging unsupported. It was interfering with the opening and closing of the drawer beneath it. Begrudgingly, for I certainly did not need this added to the morning's activities, I began the task of removing items from the drawer so I could fix it. After about ten minutes of trying, I finally managed to push the drawer bottom back into place.

Feeling satisfied over my accomplishment, I headed down to the kitchen to make the kids their breakfast. I opened the fridge door and let out a groan. A plastic bag of raspberries had leaked its vibrant red juice all over the bottom shelf of the fridge. With an unmistakable feeling of deja-vu, I proceeded to remove all of the items from the bottom of the fridge as well as the vegetable drawers beneath, as the juice had leaked beneath them. I laughed out loud and shook my head over the uncanny resemblance this task had to the one I had just finished upstairs. Clearly I was experiencing a case of synchronicity. In both instances I had removed items and drawers in order to fix a problem. I could also see that I'd be manipulating the glass shelf out of, and then into, the plastic grooves on the shelf frame, yet another task that was incredibly similar to that which I had just performed on my son's dresser.

Choosing how to frame circumstances: positive vs. negative

Instead of choosing to view these incidents as negatives, I saw them as indicators of the synchronistic fluidity of reality and of the role we play in the creation of the events of our life. I began to look for a message. My husband and I both agreed that we've been feeling kind of "stuck" lately in terms of expected movement forward regarding certain specific instances in our life. We both agreed that the synchronicity of the two scenarios involving the removing of items to fix a problem and then having to put those items back in place, was very likely a good sign that perhaps things in our life were finally starting to "move."

As we kissed the kids and sent them out the door, off to school, our conversation moved to a memory I held of my brother Murray. The day before he had died, he had called me just to talk. I had been busy doing laundry at the time and I had kind of brushed him off. This is something that obviously I'd change if I could go back in time and it still bothers me somewhat, four years after his death.

Mere minutes later, I sat down at my computer to read my e-mail. Another synchronicity was about to occur. The first message I clicked on was a Facebook notice from an old friend. He had been the keyboard player in one of the first rock bands Murray had sang for. This friend had posted an old band photo featuring Murray on his wall and had sent me a note to let me know.

The timing could not have been more perfect. I was immediately alerted to the presence of my brother. I've established certain physical and emotional criteria as my signal that my brother is making contact. In such cases, I become highly emotional as my heart expands with a feeling of love and well-being. Tingles run up and down my body and I get a very clear picture of Murray in my mind, complete with the sound of his voice.

I could feel him telling me that he knew everything that was in my heart. He conveyed to me that part of our special brand of closeness included being able to tell each other if we were in fact simply too busy to talk. There's no doubt that the close relationship we enjoyed had at times resulted in brutal honesty. I felt assured that he knew that my choice to do laundry over talking to him that day was no reflection of my love for him. (Must admit though... I still wish I had put down the damned laundry that day to talk with my brother!...lesson learned).

The fact that these synchronicities all occurred together, causes me to suspect that there's a link between all of them. Murray often sends me signals when something of great importance is in the works. The week before I finally received an offer to publish my book about my afterlife communication with Murray, he sent me numerous signs through soaring, black crows. They seemed to appear on my path everywhere I went! Needless to say, due to this morning's events, I'm expecting some stunning progress to occur in the very near future!

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