Synchronicity is defined as the experience of two or more events that are seemingly causally unrelated, occurring in a meaningful manner. This phenomena is a result of connecting with spirit and stepping into the universal flow.

We've all to some extent experienced the synchronicity of related events occurring within our experience that are highly improbable and for which no seeming causal relationship exists. Sometimes these coincidences are tiny and seemingly of little importance. These "quirky" coincidences often appear as small glitches in the fabric of our reality and seem to offer no significance other than alerting us to the fact that there is more going on regarding our physical experience than what first meets the eye.

An example of a small synchronicity would be, reading an obscure word in a book at the very same instant you hear it spoken on TV and then later that day hearing the same word used by someone you're in conversation with. Unless the word itself holds some personal or symbolic meaning, such a synchronicity will likely leave you wondering about it's purpose and cause. Nevertheless it will likely leave you aware of something special at work.

When occurrences happen in sequence and have a very high improbability of occurring, it's difficult not to conclude that mind, matter and spirit are somehow colliding. These types of experiences open our mind to the possibility of connecting with spirit and it always leaves us with a feeling of being connected to the All and merging with the universal flow of life itself.

Synchronicity defies the notion that life is a series of unrelated events occurring purely by chance. Synchronistic experiences give us glimpses into the true nature of our existence. Through experiencing these meaningful, simultaneously occurring coincidences, we come to see that something more is at work in our universe than mere physical laws of cause and effect.

When we get into the flow of living a life of higher awareness and expanded consciousness, our vibration raises and we begin to experience meaningful coincidence as a regular occurrence. When we come to this place of experiencing first hand the inter-connectedness of mind, matter and spirit, we move from the mundane, ordinary, sequential experience of day to day life, into a place where magic and miracles regularly become an expected occurrence. When this happens, we live in the knowing that we are at the helm of creating our own personal earthly experience.

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I find the lines between synchronicity and psychic experiences often become blurred. Clearly, both have their origins with spirit.

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Several months ago, I had a dream about walking my dog at a park. In the dream, my dog broke free of his leash and tore after a rabbit that was peacefully nibbling grass in the distance. I feared he would kill the rabbit. I was profoundly relieved when I saw that when he reached the bunny, he merely gave it a sniff and moved on. My relief again turned to terror as I saw my dog making a break for the nearby roadway. Cars were zooming by in both directions and I knew that if my dog made it to the road, he didn't stand a chance. Miraculously, he responded to my cries and stopped in the nick of time, right at the edge of the road.

The entire morning after I awoke, the dream stayed vivid within my mind. About two hours later, my husband called. "I just saw a dog get run over a few minutes ago," he told me in a shaky voice. Apparently he had been driving directly behind the driver of a van. This woman had the terrible misfortune of having a dog run out in front of her vehicle. She had tried to stop but to no avail. The dog had been killed. My husband could hardly believe it when I told him that mere hours prior, I'd had a dream about our dog nearly getting run over.

Later that day I went grocery shopping. As the cashier scanned my items she took special note of the dog food and asked about my dog. Another stunning coincidence was about the unfold.

She responded by telling me that her pet rabbit had just died that morning and she was trying to come up with a way to tell her kids about it.

Synchronicity - A Reminder of Oneness

I contemplated the days events, searching for a message within. As I couldn't come up with any obvious underlying symbolic message, I chose to accept these profound coincidences as a reminder that all of our thoughts and experiences are inter-connected, that every thought we entertain plays a part in the creation of our experience. This was one more occurrence that left me further convinced that the universe is in fact a far more magical place than first appearances may indicate.

Synchronicity as such, can be our signal that we are entering the place where magic happens.

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