Tap Into Psychic Abilities

When you learn how to tap into psychic abilities, you add an entirely new level of perception to your experience. While all of us are absolutely capable of accessing  psychic ability, many it seems are extremely out of touch with this amazingly helpful facet of human ability.

Tap into psychic ability and connect with the all wise and all-knowing aspect of self

Intuition or psychic ability is the wise and all-knowing aspect of self that is always ready and waiting to guide us whenever we call upon it. When we learn to access psychic abilities, it means we learn to hear and listen to the voice of our higher self or spirit.

Psychic ability and vibration

We have the ability to tap into psychic abilities at all times, but we must be a vibrational match to our higher self in order to clearly hear the message. This means that when we are in a state of exuberance or joy, intuition and psychic ability are much more accessible to us. The ability for tapping into psychic ability is always there, we must simply ‘tune’ ourselves into the proper frequency to have access to it. Meditation is one means of attuning our frequency to receive the voice of spirit or higher self, which is the source of our intuition.

I know personally, the door to my psychic ability generally remains tightly shut unless I’m in a state of higher frequency or vibration. If I attempt to tap into psychic abilities when I'm not resonating with a pure and high vibration, there's little chance I'll be successful. The law of affinity is always present and it very much plays a part in our ability or lack thereof to tap into psychic abilities.

How can I tell when I’m in this state of higher frequency? Quite simply, I feel good. It’s really as basic as that. We can use the law of affinity to our advantage when attempting to tap into psychic ability or manifest any desire we hold.

Emotional well-being or a state of happiness, equals a frequency compatible with increased ability to tap into psychic abilities, access the voice of spirit (ours as well as others), and access all the fulfillment of all the desires we are intent upon manifesting.

When you strengthen your psychic ability, you will have greater access to the wisdom of your spirit whenever you need it.

Tapping Into Psychic Ability - How Do We Strengthen Our Intuition?

Once we have the vibrational frequency area covered, all that’s required is an internal acknowledgment of our desire to develop a higher level of intuitive ability. When we activate a desire to tap into psychic abilities from a place of a compatible vibration, the experience of having psychic ability manifests into our reality quickly.

When you are attempting to access and strengthen intuitive ability, begin to Pay close attention to any inner urges or niggling thoughts that pop up regarding your questions or issues at hand. Be prepared to acknowledge and follow the slightest hunch that seems to be guiding you as it makes it’s way into your consciousness. Intuition thrives on acknowledgment of its existence. When we believe in our gut feeling and act upon it, it kicks in for us more often. When we fully trust and believe in our intuition, it becomes extremely reliable. This takes practice, but soon becomes a habit. I’ve reached a point whereby I give at least as much weight to my intuitive hunches as I do to the physical evidence surrounding me. I’ve learned that when I’m accessing intuition fully, it never lets me down.

Due to the law of affinity, our beliefs are of the utmost of importance when it comes to manifesting desires. The highest level of belief we can demonstrate regarding our intuitive ability is to have the courage to not only accept what we are being told/shown, but to ACT upon it. When we get into the mode of believing in and trusting this ability, it really begins to work for us.

Tapping into psychic ability involves an expansion of consciousness. When we are successful at expanding consciousness to higher levels through reaching for higher and higher levels of positive thought, we allow a greater amount of our spirit to flow into our physical vessel. This results in a more expanded experience of life in general, complete with such things as an increase in intuitive/psychic ability, ability to communicate with those in the afterlife, and ability to quickly manifest our desires.

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