The Death Of A Loved One

by Alan
(north wales)

My beloved partner of 37 years made her transition last year. As her passing got nearer, (it was cancer), I dreaded the time to come.

I slept in a chair in her room at Hospice and at 4.20 am, got up to use the bathroom. I stopped by her bed on the way back and kissed her gently on the forehead. She took another couple of breaths and then stopped breathing.

The thing is, that I have carried on in an unexpectedly calm fashion. I know she worried that I might go 'off the rails' a bit, but it just hasn't turned out that way, though I do at times make my pillow a bit damp.

I kiss her photo every night before turning in,speak to her constantly, and generally incorporate her into everything I do. I know she's there waiting for me, and I sometimes wonder (I know this is trivial) is there a certain shyness when we meet our loved ones again, just as there is after a separation here?

Thank you for your site. Much love,
Alan G

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Jul 20, 2010
by: Faye

Thank You so much Alan for sharing your story. You paint a beautiful picture of a loving and eternal relationship.
I think it's wonderful that you continue to incorporate your wife into your day to day physical life. Trust that she hears your every word from her place in the afterlife and receives your love and that she is also surrounding you with her own loving energy.

I love your question...I don't think it's trivial at all. I too have wondered about the same thing. Sometimes when I'm experiencing great joy, interacting with family, I picture my brother suddenly walking in to the room to join us, and I try to imagine how I'd react. I think I'd likely be overjoyed, yet also perhaps a bit shy or tentative to come physically face to face with him again.

When we imagine meeting up with our loved ones in the afterlife, we can only do it from the perspective of our physical mind and I think therefore we have a tendency to imagine how we'd react to such a thing here and now.

From what I understand,when we pass from our physical body to merge in fullness with our spirit, we become the grandest version of ourselves possible and therefore simply won't experience emotions that aren't in line with perfect peace and harmony...from my current earthly perspective though, a little shyness under those circumstances sounds like a sweet, lovely and touching part of such a reunion.

I'm getting a message Alan for you to watch the next few days for anything to do with birds or butterflies....around a window perhaps..?..something should stand out. As I read your message, the joint loving energy of you and your wife surrounded me - thanks so much for taking the time to share've infused me with a beautiful energy.


Mar 13, 2012
Alans' Comments
by: Brian

Well Alan is my brother and until today I didn't know he had posted this on this website. Pat was a very special person and my wife and I loved her dearly. I do think that there is something waiting for us on "the other side", but can't define it as clearly as Alan has. Alan will be visting us (in the USA) in a months time and we plan to give him a great time.

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