The Human Condition in Duality

by Marianne G. MHC
(Enumclaw, WA. USA)

It seems so strange that anyone would use illness as proof that an individual is somehow a fraud and their teachings irrelevant. This whole notion that our thoughts create illness and allow bad things to happen to us is strange. I guess that means that an infant born with life threatening illness or serious defect must have somehow brought it on themselves. Children who are raped and molested, somehow brought it on themselves.

We live in a dualistic realm of existence -in the human condition. Being in the Vortex is a state of heart and mind. Yes it elevates your vibration and in so doing, allows for a state of mental freedom and allows energy to be directed more toward creating rather than sitting in frozen states of fear or being yanked around by our own conditioning. But I don't recall anyone saying that being in higher energy states of consciousness, buys you eternal life on this plane or guarantees freedom from physical illness or accident.

The human condition provides us with contrast to help us see the direction we wish to go. From our direction we find meaning and richness, even in illness and death, we can find meaning and richness. Sitting in the Vortex does not give us the right to neglect our duties of caring for other beings on this plane. Holding the hands of those in hospice care; caressing the soul of a child dying from AIDS; rescuing animals that are in need of our help.

Ram Dass suffered a massive stroke. Did he somehow get out of his Vortex? Is his message less important now? The Vortex is about evolving our consciousness. Compassion IS the Vortex. The lesson is that we are all source energy and can connect to this energy but source energy is loving energy. Compassion opens your heart to this energy and in its own way, keeps you in the Vortex. I propose that Jerry's illness and passing reminds us of this lesson. Jerry was human, in the human condition, having a human experience of which suffering is a part of as is joy, laughter, loving kindness, and freedom from fearful conditioning. I propose that he was in his Vortex even while in his illness and was simply sharing with us the greatest gift of all... a chance to gain a better understanding of compassion. Take care of each other. And remember self-compassion. Suffering happens and it does not make you any less of what you are: source energy manifested to EXPERIENCE life.

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