The Teachings Of Abraham

by Justmehere

This is a wonderful article on The Teachings of Abraham.

I, like you, have found a great resonance with the teachings of Abraham. It has helped me pull together many pieces of my understanding that I was having trouble integrating.

I consider Abraham Hicks one of the latest in a long line of teachers--among whom I also count the detractors of the Abraham Hicks model that you mention. No person, no thing, no source is too humble to teach, if the student will only pay attention.

I was in a sad place in my life story when I sought to move on to the next level, to find the teachers that would help me learn, and lo and behold they came, among them the Teachings of Abraham, about whom I had never heard until a month or so ago.

I suspect that the teachings of Abraham are for the kindergarten class. What many people want is more stuff, never realizing that everybody has the same amount, it's just different for each, which is what permits different perspectives (and avoids boredom).

But in the search for more "stuff," The techigns of Abraham wisely leads toward the true realization: you alone are the creator of your reality, including everybody else in it, including Abraham.

I was attracted to a post somewhere in which "Kyra" participated and viewed it as a puzzle: why would any part of the mind (which is a part of my reality) keep itself in such a state of anger, vengeance, frustration? Is it just for attention (I think it is, actually, I think it's always a call for help, for love). Then I happened to see where she went on about how she studied the teachings of Abraham and all the self-help stuff she could get her hands on, and nothing happened that couldn't be explained by the placebo effect, etc. I'm guessing
this is how she became so disillusioned.

I felt an overwhelming sense of dis-ease, almost like I wanted to vomit, as if you saw someone who was very miserable and impoverished using a priceless chalice for paintbrushes, filled with dirty paint water.

To have such a realization come to you, so much wisdom, and turn it away because it isn't accompanied by angels and trumpets, is a shame.

Of course it can be explained by the placebo effect: all medications depend upon the "placebo effect". It's all imagination. Selective application is the problem. As another of my recently discovered teachers, Meher Baba, says: "You alone exist". Of course that's what Abraham is teaching. But if all you see in those teachings is something to hold the paintbrushes because your eyes are not trained to recognize priceless relics, of course you will feel lost, disappointed, betrayed, etc.

I have heard the Abraham Hicks Teachings say over and over again: "Words do not teach. We only hope to inspire in you the experiences that will help you expand." No finer words said. And so I took the lesson to my heart,the completed puzzle: don't hold yourself apart from truth. It is YOU. And once again I appreciate all of creation, the beauty of every morsel of it.

Concerning Jerry Hicks death, a friend said to me recently: Do you know that cancer cells are extraordinarily beautiful.


Dear Justme;

Thank you so much for this .....So, many gems in your post, I can't begin to address them all. In short, you've beautifully and eloquently expressed an understanding that 'all is one'...that all experience is a reflection of our inner landscape, and when we get past a surface understanding of what the Abraham Teachings and others like them seem to be pointing to, this is what we see.

You've expressed this very well. Beautiful!! Thank you.

With Love,

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