the Habit of Thinking Positive

Consciously thinking positive thoughts on a regular basis results in shifting our vibration through the ever present, law of attraction.  This shift in energy results in the manifestation of desires. The law of affinity and attraction is always in operation, drawing to us all that we are a vibrational match to.

I received an e-mail yesterday from a friend of mine. He's a very funny, slightly cynical, friend, who excels in the art of sarcasm. "How goes the battle?" he asked in jest, then added, "or I should say, this amazingly wonderful thing called life?"

I had a good laugh and then sat back and thought about it. So many of us it seems really do approach life as though it were a battle. I know myself that when faced with an incredibly busy day, I often approach each item on my 'to do' list as though it were an obstacle to overcome, an adversary to conquer, or at the very least something to get out of the way so I can move on to more important, more enjoyable experiences. Clearly when I approach the activities of my day in such a way, I'm not thinking positive thoughts about those tasks that I'm engaging in.

thinking positive thoughts - law of attraction

When we approach life in this manner, we leave little room for moment to moment enjoyment and we create unnecessary stress for ourselves. And more importantly, we are working against the law of attraction in terms of our desires and future manifestations. 

Operating in this mode lowers our personal vibration and thereby causes an overall frequency of negative energy which does nothing in the way of helping us with the manifestation of our desires.

On the other hand, when we choose to adopt an attitude where thinking positive thoughts becomes second nature, we perceive from a vantage point that embraces each occurrence or task facing us as an opportunity for enjoyment. The resultant vibration of positive thinking,  leads us closer to a vibration or energetic frequency that aligns with that of our spirit. As the law of affinity, the law of attraction is always operating, this leads us closer to successful manifestation of desires.

When you stop to consider that the reason most of us desire something in the first place is to 'feel good,' then clearly adopting a positive attitude towards life in general and consciously thinking positive thoughts, is the quickest means to fulfilling our largest desire of feeling happiness and joy.

Next time you're rushing around 'tackling' your day as though each moment is an obstacle to overcome, stop yourself. Try to engage with the idea  that the reason we are all alive and on this physical realm in the first place, is for the enjoyment of it all! It's supposed to be an adventure AND it's supposed to be fun!

It's important to remember that life is a journey. but,  it's not about getting to some specific destination as quickly as possible and then washing your hands of all action. The seemingly mundane tasks we encounter in day to day life are an integral part of the adventure. When we make peace with all these aspect of life and make a conscious decision to savor them instead of 'do battle' with them,  and to think positively about them, we attain a sense of inner peace. From this place of peace, we can watch in wonder as the mundane metamorphoses into the magical.

By slowing down our pace, utilizing positive thinking on  purpose and savoring each small part of our daily routine, we add a richness to our experience. Best of all, we experience more joy throughout the course of our day.

Adopting a habit of thinking positive thoughts and shifting our vibration does take a bit of work, but with practice, a positive attitude will become a habit. Once we get into the habit of approaching all of life's aspects as though they were integral pieces of a larger joy-filled adventure, we engage the power of the law of affinity and life begins to mirror this perspective back to us.

"How goes the battle," then really does turn into, "How's your exhilarating, fun-filled adventure of a life going?"

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