Three Signs of Love In The Afterlife

by Suzze

My father and I had been quite close and connected. He was sick the last few months before he passed away, but we were under the impression he was going to get well. The day prior to his death, I was at his home and the scent of carnations wafted through the air. I had smelled this when my sister died 12 years prior - This was Sign #1. That night, while I was sleeping I heard, "Everything's going to be okay now." quite loud and quite clear in a dream from a woman whose voice I now believe was my sister's - Sign #2. The following day I woke up feeling that things were going to be okay for dad, but I received a call mid-morning that he was short of breath, which was not unusual, but by the time I got to his home 10 minutes away, he had already passed away. That night, after leaving my family, I went home and laid on the floor in my home office and was overcome with grief. As I lay on the floor feeling sad, all of a sudden I felt an intense "Tug" on my right shoulder, and I was alone in the room. I absolutely believe without a doubt it was my father saying to me, "Come on, I'm okay. Don't be so sad." - Sign #3.

I have since received numerous signs from him; some not so subtle, but many that are. I will say that if you maintain an open mind, you will experience signs from your loved ones, too.

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Aug 18, 2010
Wow Suzze!
by: Faye

What an awesome gave me shivers...the good kind! I find it so amazing that so many have stories about receiving pre-warning of sorts that their loved one is about to pass into the afterlife.

I really believe that their own higher spirit works to co-create this contact to prepare us and to help us cope when the actuality of death occurs. In your case, it's quite clear that your sister also played her part in helping to alert you to what was coming. NO doubt she was trying to prepare and comfort you. So beautiful! The carnation scent is really quite amazing, particularly that it occurred twice in your life. That's one sign that you'll always be able to count on now.

It seems as though once we acknowledge a particular sign, it then begins to take on a reality of its own.This seems to prove that our deceased loved ones are privy to the things we are focused upon and they know how to use afterlife signs that will resonate with us.

With my brother, we didn't really get much in the way of pre-warning signs. However, I do see the hand of spirit in a sense working to prepare us as the family had incredibly meaningful encounters with him immediately prior to his passing. I truly believe that spirit intervened to give us this gift. We all remember these last encounters with him vividly and they bring us great comfort.

No doubt you are continuing to receive some incredible after death signs and communications now from your father....doesn't it just put you into an incredible state of higher energy when it happens? I absolutely love hearing these stories. Thank you so much for sharing! You've made my morning!!
I'm going to go off now and ask Murray to send me some after death communication today that'll knock my socks off!

Wishing you love and light and much continued contact with your loved ones in spirit!

In gratitude,


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