Unconditional Happiness And Law Of Attraction

What does unconditional happiness have to do with the law of attraction? What role does unconditional happiness play in the manifestation of desires?

The main focus of Law of Attraction Teachings varies according to teacher. Some focus more upon material manifestation, while others acknowledge that feelings themselves, are in fact manifestations and thus, give them the credence they are due.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a good example of a Law of Attraction teaching that focuses predominantly upon form.  And for that, it has received its fair share of criticism.

The Abraham Hicks teachings on the other hand,  do a good job of not only stressing the importance of feeling in terms of manifesting your desires into form, but also drive home the point that if not for the promise of ‘feeling good,’ of feeling ‘happy’,  you would not be trying to manifest the new home, better job, or loving relationship in the first place.

The Abraham Hicks teachings are at times very obvious and overt in stating that what you are really after regardless of what it is specifically  in form that you are attempting to manifest, is happiness

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It’s a bit of a catch 22; You have to end the  sense of need that is attached to that which you desire, in order to receive it.

Should we try to stop desiring stuff and instead just try to feel good?

Fact is, try as you might, if a desire of any kind is arising, trying to stop it is akin to trying to stop a raging river. If you tried hard enough, you might be able to divert it, or squelch it down to some degree, temporarily,  but there can be no actual stoppage of that energetic flow.


The problem is in thinking that good feelings, happiness, joy, peace, well being, are attached to or conditional upon,  specific manifestations in form.

Clarity is what’s required to get to the bottom of this.  And in this case, clarity means seeing that happiness is your birthright, not something you earn, not something that happens if/when you get all your ducks lined up in a row, not something that comes attached to a material object or particular circumstance.

Unconditional Happiness Arises In The Presence Of Unfettered Being

The only thing ever preventing you from being happy, in any given moment,  is a thought about wrongness or lack. If not for that, happiness (in it’s myriad of forms) is there, arising in tandem, alongside Being.

The Power of Meditation in Realizing Unconditional Happiness


Meditation is a wonderful means of seeing this. When mind is quiet, absent thoughts, absent clutter, all that’s left to know, is Being. Inherent in Being, is a felt sense of ‘goodness,’ that relies upon nothing outside of itself. It simply Is.

Regular meditation helps you to access that inherent goodness/happiness, and with regular practice, this fundamental goodness becomes ever more apparent—can even be seen and accessed in times where surface feelings of resistance are arising.

Feeling Good - The Ultimate Manifestation?

There is a point you can reach where the outside manifestations in form no longer  reign supreme in terms of the goal—where your foremost desire is simply for the joy of being to arise, unfettered.

I can’t see that there is ever a point where all desires for manifestations in form cease entirely, but when the inherent happiness of Being rises to the forefront of experience, those desires lighten up from burning in intensity, more to the level of “I would prefer for this to happen.”

And it’s from that position of wanting but not at all ‘needing’ for something to manifest, that desires easily and effortlessly manifest,  making themselves known in your experience. 

To Living The Law Of Attraction

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