Understanding Law Of Attraction

In understanding law of attraction, we come to see that what we're really talking about is momentum.

Momentum is defined as; the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes. And really, this perfectly describes the law of attraction. The 'something' that continues to grow stronger or faster in the case of law of attraction, is either discord or harmony, depending upon which polarity has been activated.

We've all had one of those moments where things were humming along in a relatively neutral manner, when suddenly something unwanted happened and we reacted to it by taking it far too personally and thus, emotions and feelings of discord rushed in. From there, the negative, unwanted,  happenings seemingly snow-balled, one after the other, in a  downhill motion taking us deeper and deeper into emotional discord.

Most likely also have reference for a time where something considered to be positive happened, and/or feelings of well-being arose and then on the heels of that positive feeling, something else considered to be nice/wanted happened and those feelings of positivity increased further, and so on, that upwards motion  eventuating in a position where even if something unwanted were to happen, you wouldn't take it personally, you wouldn't apply harsh, negative judgement,  and thus, it would roll off like water off a duck's back.

That type of momentum describes law of attraction perfectly. Understanding law of attraction then, is really no different than understanding the concept of momentum.

Picture a hill blanketed in sticky snow and a snowball rolling down, quickly growing larger and larger as it rolls downwards, more and more snow effortlessly packing itself upon the once tiny snowball until is a huge, rock solid, icy  ball. 

In understanding law of attraction, it's important to see that this momentum is in play regarding both polarities,  regarding both discordant feelings and harmonious feelings, regarding happenings that are considered good and wanted, as well as happenings that are considered bad or unwanted.

The key is to recognize what polarity you are headed towards as you respond to and react to what is appearing in each present moment. This involves becoming consciously aware of your innermost landscape. In doing so, it is possible to catch a movement towards an unwanted, negative  momentum pretty much the moment it begins, to turn it around. 

Sometimes it's as easy as simply seeing what's happening. In the light of conscious clarity, the negative down-spiral is quelled in it's tracks.

  Imagine you're driving in heavy traffic and someone cuts you off. Your anger immediately flares and you respond with a knee-jerk reaction of cursing the offending driver.

In terms of momentum, this is your point of power, and an extraordinary opportunity really, to stop an inevitable movement deeper into negativity, in it's tracks. For if you give in to the anger and continue to nurture it with yet more personal thoughts and judgements about just what a jerk that other driver is, a downward momentum is indeed inevitable.

In this one single moment of clearly seeing what's happening, and clearly seeing the personal judgements being made and the ensuing discordant feelings that are arising on the heels of those, you will  halt the negative momentum in it's tracks and start a new direction of momentum towards harmonious feelings and thus, happenings that are more in accordance with desires and preferences.

Understanding Law Of Attraction Means Seeing The Role Momentum Plays In Experience

In understanding law of attraction, it is important to see that once a snowball really gets moving downhill, it becomes heavier and more powerful and thus, not near as easy to stop as a snowball that is just starting it's descent. And again, this applies regarding both positive and negative polarities.

Just as a negative momentum can be extremely difficult to quell when it becomes too encompassing, too powerful, so too is a positive, harmonious momentum difficult to quell, when it gains strength and becomes all encompassing and powerful.

You really can reach a place where regardless of what's happening in your experience, nothing  has the power to pull you from your overarching, fundamental sense that all is well. From this position, negative momentum doesn't stand a chance. 


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