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We use the law of attraction constantly whether we realize it or not. However, we do not always use this universal law to our full advantage. The law of attraction hinges upon the fact that everything within the universe is made up of vibrating energy. Things and circumstances of similar vibrations are attracted to each other.

If I am trying to effectively use the law of attraction, I must line up my vibration with my desire. This entails choosing thoughts that elevate my vibration to one that is compatible with my desire. Our emotions are our guide. They alert us to the energetic frequency that we are currently vibrating. In general, if we feel good emotionally, we are vibrating in the proper place to manifest desires and if we feel bad, we are not a match to manifesting desires BUT we are a match to the absence of those manifestations, the very circumstances in fact that caused us to want to manifest desires in the first place.

Many are gravely concerned over the state of our physical world and fear for the future of Mother Earth. We hear many dire predictions of doom and catastrophe and these fuel the level of fear.

The emotions created by concern and fear are quite simply NOT compatible with an ability to manifest desires for improved world conditions. Concern and fear however ARE the catalyst for desire for changes and as such they do serve a certain purpose. If we are to use the law of attraction to manifest desires for positive changes for this planet and the humans who inhabit it, we must turn our focus away from the perceived problems of earth and instead focus them upon the solutions.

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No problem ever exists within the physical realm without a solution inherent within it. Physical life means living within an environment of polarities. We cannot perceive abundance without the existence of lack. We cannot perceive light without the existence of dark. These polarities ensure that desires will emanate forth from all living beings. Desire is the force that propels all life forward.

We can use the law of attraction to manifest desires for a better world by acknowledging that a need for change exists and THEN turning our focus towards the solutions, solutions that in many cases, are already showing themselves.

We use the law of attraction to our advantage when we choose to focus upon the fact that the creation of mass desire is creating mass solutions. We use the law of attraction to our advantage when we choose to focus on such things as: Technological advances currently being made to address concerns over water, pollution and energy and the huge population of scientists and experts who are engaged in these endeavors, the majority of the world’s people who are living peaceful existences, the growing level of compassion throughout the world, the expansion of consciousness that is presently occurring (For more on this see my article on the 2012 shift) and the very idea itself that all problems contain a solution within.

If desire itself is the catalyst for us to manifest desires then we should be comforted by the fact that so many of us are currently holding desires for world improvement. When we have successfully harnessed the law of attraction through our ability to direct our focus of thought, the next step is to embrace our new beliefs through living our manifest desires.

If we are hoping to manifest desires for world peace, we focus upon thoughts of love and peace and then we choose to BECOME the embodiment of love and peace. If we are hoping to manifest desires for a more caring world, we focus upon thoughts about a more caring world and then choose to become more caring ourselves, demonstrating this through our moment to moment actions.

We correctly use the law of attraction to aid us in our efforts to manifest desires of all natures we BECOME that which we are desiring and live as though the full manifestation is already ours!

Never fear looking briefly at something that is perceived as negative. This is the first necessary step in the creation of a desire. The trick is not to get stuck in this perception. We must move our focus off of the negative circumstance and onto the solution if we are to manifest desires for change.

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